Beijing Kitchen 北京厨房

Article By Anthony Cordina

11F, Block A, SKP Mall, No.261, Chang An North Road.
(029) 8369 9538
(029) 8369 9539
Sat/Sun   11:00am -3:00pm
5:00pm – 10:00pm
Mon-Fri   1:00am -2:30pm
5:00pm – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 290RMB

PROS: Fantastic fine dining experience
CONS: English on the menu but waitstaff communicate in Chinese

F.I.N.E. Fine. That’s the word that should come to mind when you think of Beijing Kitchen, found on the eleventh floor of the Xi’an SKP near South Gate, need I say more?  Well….  Created by Chef Ku, a Hong Kong born master chef who specializes in Cantonese cuisine and who has 14 years experience working in the Michelin star restaurant Lei Garden in Hong Kong as well as serving as Executive Chef at the Ritz Carlton and has prepared food for many renowned public figures including, but not limited to, Jackie Chan.

The elegant yet warm design of the restaurant achieved by a combination of veined stone, brass edging and lustrous lighting is thanks to well known British design firm Sybarite. The main dining area has been planned out so that each table feels secluded despite there not being any dividing walls, creating a very open yet personal space for guests. Every detail has been carefully considered right down to the crockery and presentation of the food they bear. I’ve always been particularly intrigued by the exquisite presentation of Cantonese dishes and Beijing Kitchen is a star example of this sort of culinary art. The bright colours of each dish are tribute to the freshness of its ingredients and the interesting blend of textures are matched by the wonderfully unique and powerful flavours.

Service at Beijing Kitchen is on a level all on its own. When you arrive you will be greeted with a bow and be escorted to your beautifully decorated table, chairs pulled out for you and napkins placed on your lap without you needing to break eye contact with the person you are speaking with. Food is served as quickly as good food should be and the lovely waitresses remove empty dishes without even making you aware of their existence (I had to ask for the menu three times because the ninjas kept removing it from the table when I wasn’t paying attention).

Beijing Kitchen also caters to business functions with private rooms that have 180 degree views of the South Gate night lights. My dinner guest, who frequently travels to Guangdong for business, filled me in on a little Chinese secret, you can always tell the quality of a Cantonese restaurant by their xiajiao (虾饺) and in this regard Beijing Kitchen scores a solid 10/10. I highly recommend Beijing Kitchen to anyone with a love of seafood and fine dining experiences.

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