STAY INSIDE ! Fun Indoor Activities to Do while Xi’an Bakes

Article by XIANEASE

It’s that time again: the dog days of summer. The mercury in your thermometer is going to keep pushing past 40ºC whether you like it or not, and hiding at home under the aircon is no way to live. If you’re willing to brave the heat for just a little bit, there are plenty of ways to keep busy this summer that are also in climate-controlled environments. Check out some of these indoor activities and, most importantly, stay cool.

NOVA 国际卡丁车场

If you’re from a place where you’re used to driving, but are (justifiably) terrified at the prospect of taking your chances in Xi’an’s inscrutable traffic patterns, it’s probably pretty hard to scratch that itch of freedom and exhilaration that comes from being behind the wheel. A go-kart isn’t really going to fix that entirely, but a few quick laps in a zippy faux-car will work in a pinch.

Tel: (029) 8110 7077
B1, Bai huan guo ji yi da plaza, North second ring road


Trampoline Parks
空气工厂蹦床馆(Air Factory)

If you don’t mind working up a bit of a sweat, there’s nothing quite like the giddy, childlike joy of going for a bounce on a trampoline. Entire trampoline facilities are beginning to proliferate in Xi’an, and each is a neon playground of bouncy floors, foam pits and toys to mess around with.

Tel: (029) 6885 5599
NO.9 of Tang Yan Road

VR穿越空间(Kaiser Virtual Reality)

If arcades are a little too retro for you, VR gaming stores will bring you closer to the cutting edge of entertainment. If you’ve never experienced VR before, you’ll strap on some future-goggles and put a couple of dongles in your hand (to control the game, obviously) and go to town. Just be warned, those not used to this may find the first couple goes to be a very dizzying experience. But as far as novelty goes, it’s hard to top VR.

Tel: (029) 8522 2330
Room 716, B block of Jinsha Guoji, Xingshansi Dongjie


Rock climbing is one of the most truly badass things you can do outdoors—it’s just you against the rock and gravity. It can be a really expensive and impenetrable sport if you’re a novice though, so if you don’t have the time or inclination to trek out to the mountains, or aren’t some rugged mountaineer always looking for a crag, some people down at the Tiyuchang have you covered. Get down to Chang’an Lu and prepare for your lactic acid bath.

Tel: (029) 8556 0723 / 135-7203-3313
B1F, Lu Rui Sport shopping Mall, East of Shannxi Stadium


Though arcade culture is basically dead in the west, in Asia it thrives. Xi’an has quite a few arcades for you to choose from, and even if you’re not much of a gamer it’s still got the potential to be a fun experience. Most places will have similar cabinets, including claw games, racers, shooters with big giant plastic guns, DDR, pirate games, drum machines…I could go on. Grab a friend and 50RMB and find out just how fast an hour or three can slip by.

Tel: (029) 8740 0574
4F Wanda Plaza, 111 Jiefang Rd


It can be stressful being hot all the time, so why not unwind with a good massage? While you might have your own place for this, new, less traditional massage parlors are starting to pop up around town that are more along the lines of a western spa experience. So, go ahead—let go and get relaxed.

Tel: (029) 8962 8392
#11, Minleyuan, Shangqin Road

798台球工厂(798 pool factory)

Did you know that pool and billiards tables exist outside of bars? No? Well, now you do! Pool halls are dotted all across the city, from South Gate to Gaoxin and beyond. These places will often have refreshments, well-kept tables and cues and other distractions like sports on TV or even movies.

Tel: (029) 8721 9456 / 132-2779-8147
#6, Beiliu Xiang, East side of Min Sheng Shopping Mall.

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