Winston Bar and Coffee 温斯顿咖啡西餐厅

Article By David Lee

3F, Wu Zi Building, NO.1 of Zheng Fa Xiang, Weiyang Lu.
(029) 8162 9898
11:30am – Midnight

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 150-800 RMB

PROS: Luxury experience, great food/drinks
CONS: Price, low English

Winston Bar and Coffee is the most upscale-feeling place I have ever eaten in but is still somehow affordable enough to warrant special occasions.

Just north of the Longshouyuan station on Line 2, the elegant do-it-all restaurant provides the best possible version of whatever you’re going for, whether it is lunch, dinner, drinks or afternoon tea.

Winston’s décor and atmosphere is definitely its main strength. Take a private glass elevator up to the second floor that opens penthouse-style directly into the dining room. The beautiful and spacious mahogany room is filled—but not overflowing—with exquisite pieces from all over the world. There’s a beautiful grand piano often used for musical performances sitting on a large slab of imported marble. There is a long, stunning bar that runs the length of the room. The walls are lined with small Greek statues, full bookcases and tasteful wood furnishings. Toward the back of the restaurant is an “American living room” style section that really does feel like a slice of home. In every sense, this restaurant makes the experience feel outside the realm of normalcy.

The food is just trying to live up to the enormous expectations you can’t help but have once you step inside. They largely succeed. I had a shrimp mango salad, cream of pumpkin soup and Australian sirloin steak for 168 RMB. You don’t have to judge this food on a curve, unlike most western food in Xi’an. Each dish tasted incredibly fresh and well-prepared by any standard.

They also have an incredible drink menu, headlined by a vast array of international whiskeys and wines. The bartenders are also fairly knowledgeable and are willing to work with you to see what kind of custom cocktails you might enjoy. However, most of them do not speak English.

Winston also has a couple of private rooms decked out with huge TVs, karaoke systems, surround sound and private bathrooms. Special parties and gatherings would be amazing in an establishment like this, whether you want to be in the huge dining room or a smaller, more intimate environment—especially if you want to try some of the imported cigars on hand.

Dinner and a drink can be sufficiently had here for less than 200 RMB, but make no mistake this is the place to splurge. On the DaZhongDianPing (大众点评) app, Winston sells meals for two for 328, 668 and 1280 RMB. You can easily come and blow an entire month’s pay here. I can’t promise it’ll be worth it, but I can say it’ll be awesome

David Lee is a reviewer for Xianease hoping to eventually write something as good as “real g’s move in silence like lasagna.” He can be reached at