TOP 5 Hot Springs


As the temperatures begin to dip lower and lower with each passing day, thoughts turn to the warm days that we most likely squandered in the isolation of air-conditioned rooms. A traditional remedy for the winter blues in many places is a relaxing soak in a hot spring, with contrast therapy (exposure to hot and cold) being said to improve the mood and improve the immune system. Xi’an has wonderful access to many natural hot springs in the Qinling Mountains, so we have gathered together the Top Five hot springs for you to spend a day, a weekend, or the rest of your life.

01 Huaqing Aegean Sea Hot Spring Hotel

Huaqing Aegean Sea Hot Spring

35km from the city center, this hotel is located in the center of Lintong District, near the base of Lishan, home of the world famous Huaqing pools. This hot spring features a wide variety of pools at various temperatures, and featuring different “soups” or traditional additions to the water, such as bitter melon, said to impart benefits for the skin and body. The attached hotel features a variety of restaurants, including a hot pot, Cantonese, and Mediterranean restaurant, amongst other.

02 Daqin Hot Spring

Daqin Hot Spring

This hot spring is located just outside the West Third Ring Road, just past the end of Daqing Road. It contains 5,400 square meters of indoor public hot spring pools and outdoor gardens with additional hot spring pools clocking in at 24,100 square meters, so whether you choose outdoors or indoors, there is plenty of space to soak your stress away.

03 Angsana Xi’an Lintong Hotel


The Angsana Xi’an Lintong hotel is a highly rated five-star hotel located in Lintong district. The hot springs itself boast 25 different thematic pools, with a wide variety of hebal remedies infused into the waters. This hotel also offers spa treatments to add to the feeling of rest and rejuvenation, including beauty treatments, massage, and various other package deals. Dining options at the hotel includes 5 different types of restaurants (Western Buffet, two separate Chinese restaurants, a health food restaurant, and a ‘Silk Route’ Restaurant), as well as a bar. If you’re looking for a full resort experience, this might be your best bet.

04 Xi’an Bailu Zhiyin Hot Spring RV Holiday Camp

Baili Zhiyin Hot Spring

This one was certain the most interesting that we found in our research. Xi’an Bailu Zhiyin Hot Spring RV Holiday Camp is located near Xi’an City, in the Bailuyuan, Bailucang Scenic Area. This new-concept hot spring hotel features small RVs as rooms, with private hot spring pools, barbequing areas, and much more. The surrounding Bailucang Scenic area provides a beautiful backdrop for relaxing bucolic comfort.

05 Nanshan Hot Spring

Nan Shan Hot Spring

The Nanshan Hot Spring Hotel is located in Chang’an County, southwest of the city. Positioned close to the Chang’an Campus of Northwest University, this hot spring offers several different types of hot spring pools, both indoor and outdoor. The garden the outdoor pools are located in is decorated with over 100 different varieties of plants. Rooms in the hotel are also supplied with water from the hot springs. If you are down in Chang’an County, this just might be the place for you.

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