7 Whiskey&Cocktail

Article By James Morrow

L2, Qujiang Creative Circle, Yan Xiang Road.
7:00pm -2:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 100RMB

Recent years have witnessed an explosion in small boutique-style bar that have a particular specialization. 7 Whiskey&Cocktail is a fine addition to this growing trend. Located on the second floor of the Qujiang Creative Circle (曲江创意谷), this bar, which opened in October, follows the current trend of the speakeasy, complete with hidden entrance. The entrance appears to be just a small barbershop room, but when you hit the light switch, part of the wall swings back, revealing an imposing backlit bar. Upon entry, the service staff show you to your table. Though the bar does not appear to be that large, it can hold about sixty people at full capacity. The bar cleverly uses dividers and decorations to separate the different areas of the bar to make it feel like a more intimate space, but still with very high.

It is easy to see from the multi-tiered bar that the selection in this place is extensive. As you can tell from the name, the bar stocks a wide variety of different whiskeys from different parts of the world. There was, of course, a large collection of Scotch whisky but also a good variety from Japan as well as Kavalan whiskey from Taiwan. Each whisky is served in a high stemmed tasting cup that lets you sample the different notes of the whisky.

In addition to the whiskey, they have a generous cocktail menu. Additionally, the staff are ready and willing to make any cocktail that you desire, as long as they have the ingredients. The cocktails are very well-crafted here, and with such a selection of high-end spirits, that is to be expected. But well-made cocktails are not difficult to find these days in Xi’an. What separates this bar from some of the others currently on the market are the small details. The gin martini comes in a 1920’s style champagne glass that gives the feeling of a Gatsby-era party. There is a drink for rum lovers that contains four different rums with fresh pineapple juice that is served in a tiki-cup with a house-dried pineapple slice. When asked to produce a special cocktail, the mixologist behind the counter might produce a gin-based cocktail in a delicately high-stemmed glass that doesn’t taste of gin, but rather red bean. It is these small unique touches that give this place a unique feeling all its own.

Unlike some of the bars in the city, smoking is still permitted in this place. There are shisha pipes available, as well as cigars, if you would like something to smoke. The high ceilings make it so that, even when multiple people are smoking, the air doesn’t get too thick. There will also be outside seating available in spring.

In all, this is one of the nicer choices available for cocktails in Qujiang. Though it is a bit difficult to find at first (there are no direct stairs to this part of the second floor), it is worth it if you would like to have a nice, quiet bar to sip fine drinks in. Cocktails run at about RMB 75 on average. Whisky prices vary, depending on the brand and year, but you are generally looking at RMB 80+ per glass. They have a few different bar snacks available as well, but you are better off eating beforehand. If you are in the area, this is definitely a place worth trying.

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James is currently living in Xi’an and loving it, from the food to the people.

7 Whiskey&Cocktail