A Night at Xianmai Live 仙麦精酿啤酒音乐餐厅

Article By Eugene Lombard

No. 8 Nan Guangji Jie – Inside ZhuQue Gate, North West 100m take the outside red elevator to the 5th floor.
(029) 8932 7931
4:00pm-Midnight (Sun-Thur)
5:00pm-2:00am (Fri-Sat)
Operating hours to change once government-imposed restrictions are lifted.

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 45RMB

The City wall or 城墙 (cheng qiang) is one of Xi’an’s most unmistakable attractions. Inside the walls, you’ll find a plethora of alley ways, restaurants, boutiques, mom-and-pop shops and street vendors. They all add to the vibrant colour of this beautiful city. But it’s also inside these walls where you’ll get a taste of Xi’an’s bustling night life, including Xi’an’s hottest new rooftop bar.
This is no ordinary bar and for a few different reasons:

First of all, the entrance. You’d be forgiven if you can’t find it, as this is not your average backstreet bar or shopping mall watering hole. Your way inside is by elevator. Yes, this bar is not on the ground floor, but rather the 5th, and this is for a very good reason I’ll get to later.

Welcome to Xianmai Live.

Take the elevator to the 5th floor.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be welcomed by friendly, knowledgeable staff who’ll point you to a variety of seating options available. First of all, this is a live house, music is a big component and the seating arrangement is focused on the stage. But if you’re like me and you enjoy views, the outside patio is where you want to go. Remember the very good reason for this bar’s 5th floor location I mentioned earlier? Well this is it! The patio has an immediate and panoramic view of the city wall and a spectacular vista of the city skyline in the distance. This view is bound to become an attraction in itself. Especially on those hot, clear, summer nights when the city is buzzing along with sound of revelers having fun, late night kao rou, and the neon lights reminding us all of why we made this beautiful city our home.

This is bar number 5 in the Xianmai group. Each one different from the other. Having already made a name for themselves with their quality and craftsmanship, at Xianmai Live you are guaranteed to find an excellent selection of tasty craft beers, spirits, cocktails and wines, along with soft drinks and an assortment of delectable dishes on their menu. Their mouthwatering burgers, their Xi’an Hamburger in particular, are a must try, along with many other bar snacks that are perfect for sharing with friends.
But what adds a different flavor to this establishment is that they are music focused.

Not only is the décor and bar layout something to marvel at, but you notice the stage and professional sound setup immediately. The space of the venue adds an element to the bar I’ve not yet experienced elsewhere.

Expect many exciting live acts to feature over the next couple of months as well as the possibility of open mic nights. The aim is to become a prominent player in the local live music scene, especially if you prefer non-mainstream music.

Music and live performances aside, Xianmai Live is a professionally run setup. This bar is bound to attract a variety of patrons. The atmosphere is intimate yet vibrant; loud yet elegant.

And as the city wall is an important feature of Xi’an, I foresee this bar becoming an important feature among all of us who enjoy the Xian nightlife.

From the fresh off the boat gap-year student to the old China hand, this bar caters to everyone’s vibe. Whether you want a quick pint, a relaxing dinner with friends, an evening of electrifying music, or just a view of the city and city wall, come summertime, or all year round for that matter, Xianmai Live is the place to visit.


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Eugene is an avid city cyclist living in Xi’an. If not cycling he’s drinking coffee or beer.