Standing Café

Hidden deep within the folds of Gaoxin lies a little oasis, a small garden of Eden that offers relief and refreshment from the hustle and bustle of busy Xi’an city life. South on Line 6, a 5-minute walk from Mu Ta Si metro station, you’ll find a small park lush with trees, flowers and park benches. But the real hidden treasure lies on the periphery.

Don’t Tell Bar

The first time I heard of this bar, I mistook it as people not wanting to tell me. Fortunately, the confusion was short-lived, as I found myself knocking on the door of said bar only a few weeks later.

Spearheaded by the duo of Jason and Henry, ‘Don’t Tell’ is the new cocktail bar on the block. It’s nothing like what I’ve experienced before. A modern cocktail bar with a wine focus. What sets it apart from the rest you ask? You’ll have one of the most passionate mixologists making cocktails for you. And it’s probably the most intimate bar experience Xi’an has to offer.

Localand Vietnamese Cuisine Garden Restaurant 越乡Pho·越南美食花园餐厅

When it comes to food here in Xian, we’re spoilt for choice. People flock from all over to indulge in Shaanxi’s delights. And rightly so. The noodles are world famous! And so is the you po mian and rou jia mo. The list is endless. But it’s totally okay to hanker for a different taste every now and then. And for this reason it’s great to see so many new and exciting restaurants popping up all over Xian.

Online·Bread 面包咖啡店

With the cold weather having truly and properly announced its arrival in our city, it’s easy to just want to stay inside. Yet, I find this weather to be the ideal time to practice my favorite pastime: cafe hunting.
On a fresh Saturday afternoon, I headed out in the direction of South Gate in search of coffee. I was most delighted when I found a café at a location I’d never have thought to venture in to.
Having faced the cold on route, and admittedly getting lost (for trusting my mental compass over a map), what better feeling than being welcomed by warmth, the smell of coffee and freshly-baked croissants.

Redeye Cafe

It’s the season of heavy coats and boots. We’ve reached that time of year where the indoors are preferred over the outdoors. Which brings me to the following point. It’s good to know which places to visit once the cold, winter blanket settles over the city. I’ve spent some time during autumn building up a list of places I’d like to frequent during the winter months. Fortunately, I was able to add one more place to my list.

Tribe Latin Bar

When it comes to partying and enjoying the nightlife, Xian is a city that’s not shy to show off. There are bars and night clubs galore. Options are endless.
But what if you can go to a bar, a place of familiarity, that feels like your own, where friends become family. A place where the food is delicious, the drinks are tiptop, where the energy is vibrant, the rum flows freely and beautiful people fill the dance floor?