Standing Café

Article By Eugene Lombard

Block F, Wang Zuo Xian Dai Cheng, Tang Yan Road.
8:30am-5:00pm (Weekdays)
10:00am-4:00pm (Saturday)

Average Price per Person /人均消费:30RMB

Hidden deep within the folds of Gaoxin lies a little oasis, a small garden of Eden that offers relief and refreshment from the hustle and bustle of busy Xi’an city life. South on Line 6, a 5-minute walk from Mu Ta Si metro station, you’ll find a small park lush with trees, flowers and park benches. But the real hidden treasure lies on the periphery.
Standing Café sets the perfect mood on a chilly winters morning. And it will do so come spring, summer and autumn.
Sitting by the window with an undisturbed view of the park, the room is filled with the aroma of coffee, catchy music playing in the background and idle chatter rearing its head every now and again. Your mind drifts effortlessly, taking you to a scene from your favorite novel or movie.
Foot traffic is scarce this time of day (It was a Saturday). It’s mostly a business district and few office dwellers are found over a weekend, yet the coffee shop was buzzing. People coming and going. This coffee shop is clearly the heartbeat of the square. Weekday patrons are stopping by to introduce their friends to their favorite workday pick me up.
The interior is small but comfortable, a very noticeable but innovative design are the standing chairs. A kind of leaning bench setup against the wall. It’s definitely a café for the person on the go – but who has a few minutes to spare for a quick chat with a colleague. They also have a bring-your-own-cup discount policy. Very beneficial to your wallet if you’re a regular.
The café is also very well suited for those of us with more time on our hands. In that case, skip the standing chair and settle in at the window. Let the world pass you by while you sip on a cup of your favorite.
Standing Café have a selection of coffees to choose from. A standout was their Flat White. I don’t give much thought to coffees made with milk but I will definitely go back for this. High quality ingredients are chosen for their coffees and it reflects in their superb beverages.
Should you arrive on an empty stomach, not to worry, they serve freshly baked pastries Monday to Friday.
Standing Café comes highly recommended when you long for break from city life. Whether it’s a quick stop or comfy stay, you’ll be welcomed by two very friendly, passionate baristas. Order a coffee, settle in and experience Xi’an in slow motion. Sitting or standing, both are okay.

Eugene is an avid city cyclist living in Xi’an. If not cycling he’s drinking coffee or beer.

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