Tribe Latin Bar

Article By Eugene Lombard

No.31, Shun Cheng South Alley, Shu Yuan Gate, Beilin District.
15:00 till late

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 60 RMB

When it comes to partying and enjoying the nightlife, Xian is a city that’s not shy to show off. There are bars and night clubs galore. Options are endless.

But what if you can go to a bar, a place of familiarity, that feels like your own, where friends become family. A place where the food is delicious, the drinks are tiptop, where the energy is vibrant, the rum flows freely and beautiful people fill the dance floor?

What If I tell you such a place does exist? Enter the Cuban-inspired, Tribe Latin Bar. Spearheaded by Yoandri, the man responsible for introducing Cuba’s very own flavors to Xian.

Tribe Latin Bar is situated within walking distance from South Gate (once you’ve entered the Gate, turn east immediately and walk down 顺城南巷 (Shunchengnanxiang), along the city wall for about 400 meters).

It is a bar within a bar. That’s right, a hidden treasure – waiting to be discovered. Once you see the Tribe sign, enter the building, go right past the bar and up the flight of stairs. You are assured to be welcomed with the biggest of smiles and some down-to-earth, yet vibrant, Cuban hospitality.

My first impression of Tribe LB is that you feel right at home. Ample seating and big tables just waiting to be filled with close friends and new ones alike. The bar has an inviting touch to it, almost like they want you to make conversation over an ice-cold pint or cocktail. None of those bewildering light shows or ear-deafening music to be had.

If you’re not one for groups or sitting at a table, pull up a chair at the bar and watch the barman fix up a few authentically made Cuba Libres. Or if you fancy a game of pool, head over to the table and take on any willing challengers. Grab a Cohiba cigar and a mojito while you’re at it. Embrace the Cuban experience.

Tribe LB have a very delectable food menu; with a variety of dishes to choose from. All of the dishes come highly recommended, but both the roast Chicken and Banana Ladybug were mouthwatering delicious. The dishes are traditionally Cuban and the recipes have been passed on from one generation to the next. Yoandri, who is the mastermind behind the food menu and Tribe LB, eagerly tells you about growing up in Cuba, the influence of food, and what the Cuban lifestyle is all about.

And of course the drinks! What would a Latin bar be without rum? The drinks menu is colorful and it lists all the Cuban classics; the Mojito and Cuba Libre being my two favorites. If you’re not one for fancy drinks, not to worry, they have ice cold beer on tap.

Tribe LB have more than enough to keep you entertained, should you grow bored of your friends latest dating stories, move on over to the karaoke stage and entertain them with something more upbeat. They also have a big screen projector, which just begs to show sporting events. I can already imagine rounding up a bunch of friends and heading over to watch a football match or two.

It’s an excellent space for events and birthday parties. They are very accommodating and you’ll be taken care of by a most excellent host.
So, when you find yourself around South Gate, head on over to Tribe LB. Grab a chair, fill a table with friends, order a round of Cuba Libres, enjoy the night, and celebrate life.

We might not be able to hop on a plane and visit the beauty of what Cuba has to offer. But maybe there’s no need right now, especially if a taste of Cuba is right here on our doorstop. Salud!

Eugene is an avid city cyclist living in Xi’an. If not cycling he’s drinking coffee or beer.