Don’t Tell Bar

Article By Eugene Lombard

Room 714, Building 2, Gaoxin Wanda One.
高新万达one 2号楼714室
9:00pm-2:00am (ThU-Mon)

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 45RMB

The first time I heard of this bar, I mistook it as people not wanting to tell me. Fortunately, the confusion was short-lived, as I found myself knocking on the door of said bar only a few weeks later.

Spearheaded by the duo of Jason and Henry, ‘Don’t Tell’ is the new cocktail bar on the block. It’s nothing like what I’ve experienced before. A modern cocktail bar with a wine focus. What sets it apart from the rest you ask? You’ll have one of the most passionate mixologists making cocktails for you. And it’s probably the most intimate bar experience Xi’an has to offer.

At DT it’s all about relaxing, taking in the moment, and savoring the conversations. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Let the bartender guide you through the evening. Start off with something light and fresh and work your way up to the heartier stuff. Don’t know what to drink? No worries! You’re in capable hands. The menu has all the classics – with a creative twist of course. And with their impressive spirit collection, I’m sure they’re able to whip up whatever it is you desire.

The bars design gives you ample view of the cocktail making process. As the drinks are made, intriguing snippets of information flood the room. With Jason behind the bar, armed with a wealth of knowledge, he treats you to an impressive arsenal of cocktail ingredients from across the globe. Not to mention the impressive rum collection decorating the shelves! It’s clear to see that a lot of thought goes in to compiling the menu and creating the drinks.

At DT they offer good value and a variety of complex and interesting drinks. Attention to detail is key to their approach and you are guaranteed to discover drinks you won’t find in other bars. Be prepared to be dazzled with creative names such as the Summer Solstice, Vino Veritas, Chase The Blues, Roasted Coconut, and Sichuan Negroni. A stand out for me and sure to be a summer favorite, was the Roasted Coconut, a non-alcoholic drink. They cater for all needs with their vibrant selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

DT is the perfect bar for private events. Be on the lookout for wine, tequila, and whisky tastings over the next few weeks. A Tiki night is also on the cards. With a new menu to be launched soon, get ready to be wowed by a selection of fresh and zesty drinks to keep you hydrated during those hot summer nights.

As I was sipping on a very special rum (perhaps the only one of it’s kind in Xi’an), I realized I had come to the end of my guided journey. A fitting evening filled with good music, great company and delectable drinks. Once you’ve made your way to DT, order a drink and admire the city lights beckoning in the distance.

Don’t Tell is a secret worth sharing.

How to get there? I can’t tell. But ask around, word of mouth is powerful.

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