The Road to Recovery

Article by XIANEASE

Sports can be rough and if you live by the motto “Work hard, play hard”, then you are likely to end up sore or injured at some point along the line. To aid you in your path to Wellsville, here are some suggestions on what to do when you game just a little too hard.

Prevention by Preparation

The best solution for an injury is to never get injured in the first place. While there are several different steps that you can take in order to lower the likelihood of an injury, such as proper stretching and warm up, one of the best things that you can do is have the proper equipment, especially safety equipment. While it is always possible to use the ubiquitous Taobao to purchase your equipment, there is something to be said for going to a physical shop and trying things out before you buy. Also, if you are unfamiliar with the equipment, these stores tend to have helpful and knowledgeable staff that can assist you in finding what you need. In addition, you will be able to find things that fit well, as a proper fit will help mitigate injury.

In Xi’an, there are two main places that you can go in order to get kitted up for your favorite activity. The first is all of the shops surrounding the Shaanxi Stadium, located at the TiyuChang Subway stop. Here you will find a variety of specialty stores and general sports equipment stores for all of your sporting needs. Sometimes it can be a bit of a hunt to find the appropriate store, but the sales people in these shops are more likely to be familiar with the sport in question.

The second location is the different branches of the French sports retailer Decathlon, which is helpful as a one-stop-shop for all different kinds of sporting equipment, from weightlifting equipment to camping gear. You can pick up most things in the shop and they even carry some larger sizes for their clothing, making it easier for you to find exactly what you need. Decathlon has locations throughout the city, so there is most likely one near you.

Sports Rehabilitation

So now that you have gone and injured yourself, you are going to need some resuscitation of your bodily functions before you manage to get back out there. Massages and other therapeutic spas exist throughout the city, so if you are just looking for some general muscle soreness relief, then these might be the option for you. However, if you are looking for more targeted and specialized massage, such as a sports massage, then you should head to the Zhangba 5th Road, where you will find E Jia Sports Rehabilitation Center. This facility offers a variety of massage and recovery options to get you back on your feet in no time.

For more serious or long-term damage, you might want to turn to a hospital for a more permanent solution to your injury. One of the most common injuries associated with sports is damage to the joints and ligaments, sometime that can have long lasting impacts on mobility. Luckily there is a hospital in Xi’an that specializes in help you recover from the various tears and pulls that come from an active lifestyle. Xi’an Hong Hui Hospital (西安市红会医院), located just east of the Nanshao Men intersection has some of the best physicians in the city when it comes to ligament repair. Though most of the doctors will not speak much English, they will do a good job treating you. Just go to the hospital and make an appointment. See our article from March 2020 on the process of going to the hospital in China.

We hope that you will stay safe when you’re out there being active. If you have a chance to use any of these options and you would like to share your experience, or if you have further suggestions, contact us through our official WeChat account or by emailing us at