Moment Bistro 自然酒小酒馆

Article By James Morrow

1F, Mandy Plaza, No.9, Yannan 1 Road.

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 65RMB

Often times, once you’ve spent a few years here, it begins to become difficult to discover new things. Generally, the gamut of restaurant and bars often offer up slight variations on the same dishes, reliable but a bit dull. That is why, when you are able to discover something new, it often comes as a surprise, and a welcome one at that.

It was at Moment Bistro that I tried something that I had not tried before. Natural Wine. Natural wine is a type of wine that is designed to be completely free of pesticides, chemicals or other additives. The idea of this being that natural wine is better for your health, as the lack of processing and the use of natural or wild strains of yeast will have a boon on your health. While we cannot speak to the health benefits, we can say that the resulting beverage is much earthier than its more processed counterparts, with an exceedingly complex bouquet, and a very tangy feel on the tongue.

We sampled two varieties of this wine, which is served by the bottle or by the glass. The first variety was a variation on white wine that was chilled, but not overly so. This wine had a tanginess that was not quite sour, but much less sweet than the typical white wine. The other variety that we sampled was a variety that also incorporated apple and was much more sour and tangy, with a slight natural carbonation to it. There seemed to be quite an extensive wine selection at the bar in addition to these, though only the two natural wines are available by the glass.

The food selection at the bar was mostly focused on dessert-styled foods, with many of the dishes featuring fresh fruits, whipped cream, and bright flavors. We sampled a variety of dishes, including a berry medley in a light, tart sauce with a sprig of mint; a layered cream cake with nuts; and a very nice piece of French toast made from a section of baguette that was soft and delicate on the inside and chewy on the outside. The custard-like center was nicely accented with cinnamon and the whole thing was topped with whipped cream and berries. If sweets are not your thing, they also allow you to order food from the Brewery next door, which also pairs surprisingly well with the natural wine.

Upon arrival, you can either choose to sit outside on the wooden deck to enjoy the weather; especially nice on cool summer nights, or you can sit in the bistro-inspired interior has a ring of padded benches lining the walls, with spindly marble-topped tables and wooden chairs in front of them. The interior was cool, despite the day being so hot outside, which is definitely a plus for the upcoming summer months.

If you are looking for a new experience in a comfortable setting, or you would simply like a place to sit comfortably and sip wine, you might just consider heading to Moment Bistro for a leisurely afternoon.

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