TOP 5 Atypical Sports That You Can Experience in Xi’AN


In Xi’an, certain sports experiences are more common than others. A person who wants to play basketball or football can easily find a spot to play and ping pong tables and badminton courts abound. However, for some of us, the desire for novelty outweighs convenience and we just want to try something new. Luckily, Xi’an is full of hidden or lesser-known places where you can engage in some truly unique experiences. So, in keeping with our theme this month, we have the Top Five place to do atypical sports.

01 Tennis 格林网球俱乐部

Tennis is a great sport for getting your heart rate up, and it is luckily a fairly inexpensive game to get started with, but due to their larger square footage, it is much harder to find a tennis court than it is to find, say, a badminton court. Luckily, there are a few places that have them and we’ve provided the address and Dianping link so that you can get your game on without having to chase after your ball too often.

Address: Huancheng South Road West Section, No.1 of Taibai North Road ( Northwest University Taibai Campus )

02 Boxing/ Muay Thai WE BOXING

Boxing is one of the classic sports, and is a great combination of strength, endurance, and cardio workouts that has helped many folks get in shape and stay that way. Boxing has been on the rise in recent years in China, and along with it Muay Thai has also become popular, no doubt in part due to the success of Chinese athletes in both boxing and MMA competitions. We Boxing is located in the Qujiang books store and offers lessons in both boxing and Muay Thai.

Address: West side of 4th floor Qujiang Book Store, Furong East Road.

03 Rock Climbing 攀岩梦工厂

Rock climbing is an activity that engages the entire body, developing whole-body strength, especially in the forearms. Many people who begin to learn this activity become addicted to the challenging nature and ever increasing complexity that comes with climbs of different skill levels. While there are places around Xi’an where it is possible to climb and actual rock face, what with the mountains and all, practicing in a rock climbing gym tends to be much safer.

Address: N0.3, Jian Xi Jie

04 Archery Tang Yi Archery Club

Archery is another sport that used to be exceptionally rare in Xi’an, but has seen its popularity taken off in recent years. Archery can help develop back and arm strength, and is also said to have positive benefits on focus, as the process often becomes meditative. There are several places throughout the city where you can get your shots off, but dedicated clubs will typically have better equipment that you can use and more expert advice available from club members.

Address: 3F, Yiyangtang Mall, Yanta South Road

05 Ice Skating and Bowling and More! Party Day 家庭运动休闲娱乐中心

It is a well-known secret that Xi’an has an ice skating rink tucked up in the mall at Luo Ma Shi. What most people don’t realize is that that rink was taken over by a company called Party Day, which installed a variety of other activities, including virtual golf, archery, bowling, laser tag, and many more. For a single entry price, you can float between whatever activities spark your interest for a set time limit. The place has very high ratings online and you can be sure that we will be doing something here in the near future.

Address: 6F of Mingsheng Shopping Mall, Luomashi Street.

Enjoy these recommendations. Do you know of any other atypical sports that can be done in and around Xi’an? Let us know by sending us a message at our official WeChat account or by emailing us at