TOP 5 Tech for Travel

Article By Matthew Green

01 Anker “PowerCore Fusion” Power Bank

This first suggestion is from a colleague at XIANEASE, Jason Rogers (be sure to read his article, it’ll be great). The Anker ‘PowerCore Fusion’ is a smaller-than-phone power bank useful if you need a mid-day top-up or if you are away for a two-day trip. Anker is a well-established battery and charger brand that has had somewhat of a genius idea. Why not take the charging head and make it THE power bank!?!?! And that’s what they did! This small yet multifunctional design is a gamechanger (Jason’s words not mine). Now, you’re not going to take it on a hike for ten days, as it’ll only hold one charge for most modern phones, but as a person who has several power banks, all of which I can tell you are fully discharged right now, I can really see the use point here.

BUY FROM: TaoBao, JD or Saga Computer City
PRICE: 200元 (Found on TaoBao offer for 130元)

02 Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Drinking bottles have become more and more common place than six or seven years ago, when it was mostly the older guys who carried one. When I followed suit, I received my fair share of comments from my friends. Now, it’s common place, perhaps due to waste plastic or health awareness. However, sometimes carrying round an empty bottle can seem useless. In comes the Nomader- this ingenious water bottle collapses up to a fraction of its size when empty, making it perfect for long-distance travel. Also with health and the environment in mind, it avoids most materials with high toxicity. This bottle was recommended to me by a good friend who is often found running and travelling. Why did she suggest it? It’s made from silicone, so it’s durable, flexible, likes all temperatures (can even be frozen) and shatter-proof, with a lid which is leak-proof. Also, it’s dishwasher safe, which is a big plus in my book. Only problem is that it requires importing.

BUY FROM: TaoBao (import) PRICE: 200-500元

03 Callrun Rugged Waterproof Case

Last time I went on a beach holiday was to Sanya. Usually on beach holidays, I’d leave my phone in the hotel to go soak up the sun and swim in the sea, but during that time (this was 6 years ago) I saw people selling thick, plastic sealable bags to place your phone in. 20 yuan later, I was a proud owner who could take pictures in the sea and avoid dust getting into my phone. Nowadays phone cases are much more rugged and this suggested case for iPhone users is second to none. Although most phones have the IP68 rating (waterproofing), it’s still nice to have that extra assurance. If you have an android phone, it’s just a quick IP86 手机壳 search away too.

BUY FROM: TaoBao or JD
PRICE: 40-100元 depending on strength and model of phone

04 Headphones (Sony Vs. Bose)

The most expensive, but necessary (in my opinion) item on this list is headphones. If you’re on the train or in a plane you want noise cancelling and over-ears are the better choice here too for prolonged periods. So this leads us to two of the top choices – Sony XM3 or the Bose QC35 a 2-year long debate. Most reviews suggest the XM3s and I whole-heartedly agree. Having both, I hardly ever use the QC35s as they’re a little tighter on the head and not as customizable. Now is the time to buy, as both Sony and Bose are due to release their new pairs this year (not yet announced) and prices have plummeted from the 4,000元 that they started at. To be honest, both are good but Sony is my choice. With headphones, it is suggested you try before you buy, which you can do at computer city, and usually they will price match JD.

BUY FROM: TaoBao, JD or Saga Computer City
PRICE: Sony 1000XM3- 1600-2200元 (depending on sale)
Bose QC35- 2200元

05 USB type-C/Apple Lightning to HDMI

Last, but not least, on this list is a handy converter cable for around 100元. Basically it allows you to plug your phone into any modern TV and mirror the screen. I used to take a USB stick with me which included some films but how many times I left it in the hotel room I will never be able to count. Plus, this has the added advantage of being able to watch on your phone whilst travelling too. One downside is that you can’t charge and watch so you need to be well prepared…. Maybe that Anker PowerCore is a good idea after all? Or fork out an extra couple of kuai to get the USB adapted one. It is worth it though to avoid being stuck with news or local soap operas.

BUY FROM: TaoBao, JD or Saga Computer City
PRICE: 50-100元

Enjoy these recommendations. Do you know of any other tech that is good for travelling? Let us know by sending us a message at our official WeChat account or by emailing us at