TOP 5 Places to Meet People in Xi’an

Article by Venus Xu

01 Team S.H.I.T (Shaanxi Hills International Team)

Shaanxi Hills International team is a cylcing club that welcomes anyone who loves cycling, from cycling enthusiasts to casual riders, and focuses on being social, sharing riding experiences, exploring new routes, and even participating in professional races. Whether you are an active person looking for a group activity, or you’re a first-timer who would like to learn from experience cyclists. To join this group, you can send an email to Marcus ( ), or scan the QR code and he will add you in this group.


Xi’an Games is a weekly evening event dedicated to board and card gaming, including adventure, deduction, memory strategy, party and other genres. It is a group open to anyone and everyone who likes to play games and offers a selection of 100+ modern and classic games for both beginners and experienced players. This group is all about making new friends and exploring new games together. Join by sending email to for more information.

03 The Xi’an Comedy Club

The Xi’an Comedy Club is a relaxed community dedicated to the performance and enjoyment of different styles of comedy. While most people have done standup in the past, skits and improve are also encouraged. There has even been a magician performing at previous events. There are no requirements except for the willingness to step on stage and give it a try. The club also organizes events with professional comedians and open mic nights. If you’d like the chance to perform, or you’d just like to watch some funny people doing funny things, send a message to the XIANEASE official account for more information.

04 Sunday Club DJ Parties

The Sunday Club is a Xi’an-based group of local and international DJs that are currently hosting monthly events featuring the latest and greatest of musical talents. The styles and genres vary greatly, so whatever your taste in music may be, they’ll probably have something up your alley. They’ve always got something in the works, so keep an eye out for their events through XIANEASE.

05 Foreign Parents Community

Raising children can be hard, and even more so when you’re far away from home. That’s why the Xi’an Foreign Parents community was started, to become a resource for foreign parents in the city to share resources with other parents to help their kids get the best out of life in Xi’an. The community also hosts events and other gatherings for parents and kids to meet and socialize. If you are a foreign parent with a kid living in Xi’an and would like to join the community, contact XIANEASE at for more information.