Voro Gelato 意大利冰淇淋

Article by Steve Calvi

1600N, Gaoxin Glorious Plaza, Ke Ji Road.
10:00am – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 22RMB

Iscream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Well, to be honest we are talking about gelato, the Italian version of this delicious and gluttonous creamy delight. Fun fact, ice cream is made with milk and cream (hence the name). Gelato is made only with milk, yet it manages to keep a very creamy and rich flavour that sets it apart from its less prestigious relative.

Growing up in Italy, I’ve had my fair share of gelato and it’s definitely one thing that’s been missing in Xi’an. Yes, there are many Dairy Queens and Haagen-Dazs shops around, but in my opinion they are very expensive and are somewhat missing the mark.

If you have time, head down to Gaoxin Glorious Plaza (Da Du Hui) and check out VORO. A gem in the rough, VORO is located inside the shopping mall, inside the same building as the Hippo supermarket. This little shop is in the food court, very small, yet still manages to pack a punch when it comes to flavour!

With a nice selection of gelato, ranging from classics like fior di latte and cream to more exotic tastes like mango and kiwi. The gelato is amazing, so rich you just wanna keep eating, totally forgetting about the kilos coming on. You can chose either a cone or a cup, and they come in many different sizes, From 1 scoop to 5 scoops, although not sure how that would work on a cone, but those are problems for another day! Just when you thought you’d seen it all, VORO amazes once again with a lovely selection of freshly made cake slices and a delicious cup of tiramisu……cos it ain’t Italy if there isn’t tiramisu!

The shop, as mentioned above, is a food court shop, so it’s very small and the only seating is in the form of shared tables that are situated in front of the shop. The staff are very polite and try to help as much as possible and as usual, if you are a VIP you can get a better price. Said that, a non VIP 2 scoop cup was only 32rmb, which I though was pretty good considering how good it was.

When tasting gelato, I always think you have to taste the “simple” flavours to better understand the quality so I had one of my favourites, fior di latte (flour of milk or heart of milk) and a tiramisu. They were amazing and it took me 1 minute to scoff them down. In its simplicity, the cup was garnished with a fresh little biscuit that added a little bit of a crunch.

Overall a lovely little pearl in a fast growing city. Definitely worth checking it out as you wonder around the gigantic shopping centre. VORO also has other shops located throughout the city, including at G-Park, Wanda at WuLuKou, and near the Qujiang Bookstore, so even if you’re not in Gaoxin, you can still get a taste.

If you give this a try, let us know about your experience by messaging us at reviews@xianease.com.

Steve is an Italian some of the time, and a Brit at other times, but a gelato lover all of the time.