TOP5 Mulled Wine

Article by XIANEASE

Winter is upon us, and while a cold beer never goes out of fashion, sometimes you want something a bit warmer, stronger, and spicier to carry you through the cold winter air. One of the things that fulfills this is mulled wine or Glühwein, a beverage made from the slow simmering of spices, citrus, wine, and sweeteners that is popular the world around. While many have their own secret recipe for the stuff, sometimes it is simply satisfying to walk into a place and order one, especially after having braved the elements to get there. As such, we have gathered together five places that are serving up the hot stuff this winter season.

01 BarTakeFive (All outlets)

BarTakeFive is well-known for their extensive and varied cocktail menu, and for the duration of the winter months they are adding mulled wine to the menu. You can get their special mulled wine for 88RMB per glass.

02 Bueno

Bueno continuously offers up great cocktails at a reasonable price, and their mulled wine is no different, easily coming in at the cheapest available on this list. The best place to pick this up is at their south gate location, which also has a fire-powered heater for that extra-cozy charm.

03 Isola Del Nord

Isola Del Nord is an Italian restaurant located in the KI Building on North Street, (check the AD on the inside cover for more details). In addition to delicious Italian food, they are also offering up mulled wine this month for the price of 60RMB per glass.

04 Blue Frog

Blue Frog, for those who are unaware, is a national chain of western food restaurants that offer up burgers, ribs, and other western foods, and has one of the best happy hours in town (B1G1 from 4-8PM daily). Added to the menu for the winter is mulled wine, which comes in at 68RMB per glass.

05 The Craic

Expat favorite bar The Craic will be offering the Göttingen Glühwein, made with red wine, rum, apple juice, and spices, this month as part of their Winter Cocktail menu. Each glass will set you back 68RMB.