Lanna Spring Spa 兰纳春天(南门店)

Article By James Morrow

Room301, Block A, Changan International, Nan Guan Zheng Jie.
(029) 8111 6266
1:00pm – 1:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 300RMB

Life can get stressful at times, and sometimes you really just need to relax and unwind. This can be made difficult when living in a large city, as escaping is not always an easy thing to do. Escaping to the mountains works only if you have a car and even then, you need to have the time. What’s needed is a place that you can get to more quickly, a private oasis that you can go to amongst the concrete. That is what Lanna Spring Spa seeks to be.

This chain has three locations throughout the city, one in Qujiang, one in Gaoxin, and one located at the South Gate. The South Gate location is located on the third floor of the Changan International Building, just above the Starbucks there. Once you enter their shop, you are instantly transported into a different world, as the harsh industrial lights of the hallways fade and a plush and welcoming interior invites you in. There is a hint of something aromatic and soothing that wafts through the air as you are guided to one of the many couches. Once seated in the waiting area, you are welcomed to remove your shoes and you are handed a pot of herbal flower tea and a menu for the various types of massages that are available at their establishment. There are hot oil massages, Thai massages, hot stone massages, and many other types of soothing remedies to help wick away the stress. They will also ask you for your preferences in the massage (area to focus on, intensity, etc.) and if you have selected an oil massage, you can choose the type and scent of the oil to be used in the massage.

Once you have selected your choice of massage, you are introduced to your masseuse, who will guide you through their establishment to a private room. Each of the rooms are equipped with a shower, mirror, clothing rack, and massage table. The first step in the process is to briefly soak your feet in a tub of milky white water, during which your masseuse will scrub your feet with salts to help relax you. Then the masseuse leaves the room while you disrobe and shower, if you so desire. You then lie down on the table and cover yourself with a towel, at which point the masseuse reenters and the massage begins. First you are treated to some aroma therapy, during which the aromatic oils are brought close to your face while you take a four deep breaths. Once you are in a relaxed state, the timer on the massage begins.

Massages clock in anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes in length, though a majority are 60 or 90 minutes long. The masseuses are all certified and well-experienced in the arts of massage and soon into your time, you will relax into a puddle. The most difficult thing to do is to stay awake, or perhaps when you finally have to leave. The masseuse will ask for feedback along the way, making sure that the service is meeting your requirements. While most of the masseuses speak Chinese and Thai, English is limited. Generally, when you are getting a massage, you don’t need to say too much. If it hurts, you say “疼’ teng.

Prices for the massages vary quite a bit, but are going to set you back several hundred yuan, though there are deals to be had on DaZhongDianPin. One of their most popular options is the Lanna Springs Thai Style massage, which can be had on special for 208RMB, marked down from 328. A 60-minute hot oil massage will set you back 438RMB regularly, but only 318RMB on discount. If you need a bit of relaxation to wear away some of the stress of everyday life and you like massages, then Lanna Spring Spa is the place for you. Reservations are not required, but reserving ahead of time will guarantee speedy service.

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