Cycling in Bai Lu Yuan – The Quickest Escape from City Traffic-

Article by Marcus Meyer

Where is it?

Bai Lu Yuan or White Deer Plain is located 35 km east of Downtown Xi’an. It’s a plateau and encompasses about 260 square kilometers. It’s well-developed at this point and has many tourist spots.

Famous for its rich variety of fruits through the year, these tiny cozy villages are filled with great local foods and were home to acclaimed writer Chen Zhongshi, the author of the popular book Bai Lu Yuan. There’s also the Bai Lu Yuan Studios with an Amusement Park. Some lakes have the option to swim or do some fishing, and even when the weather is cold, you can sometimes spot some brave people enjoying a swim.

Our team does regular group rides on and around Bai Lu Yuan, because it’s the quickest escape from the inner-city traffic, offers nice short climbs (to get up you have several options, from shorter, steeper ones to longer, more flat ones) The area has a lot of empty village roads with scenic views. Even in winter it’s climb without reaching temperatures that are too cold.

One cycling highlight is the pretty new bike and sports park (see location below), which offers some very fun bike lanes without any car traffic and a lot of little ups and downs to get your adrenaline running. It’s like a rollercoaster on a bike, fun for all cyclists, no matter the age, skill or experience.

Our team has used 2 climbs on Bai Lu Yuan for the Everesting challenge this past year. Everesting means repeating a climb up and down until the total elevation climbed reaches the height of Mount Everest. We did this as a team, motivating each other, with others coming out and supporting us with food, drinks, and some motivational words.

If you like us to join us on a ride on or around Bai Lu Yuan feel free to contact me to join our WeChat group. Our rides are always social and it’s more fun to go with a group of people. If you need we can also give advice where to go on your own or offer you a rental bike if needed.

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