TOP 5 Largest Parks

Article by XIANEASE

Parks and Spring go together like any number of cliché pairings. It’s this brief period of time when the parks explode in a riot of color and greenery, and when it is not too hot to enjoy it. People head out in droves to enjoy those little slices of manicured nature, whether flying kites, piloting paddle boats, or simply strolling around and enjoying the views and the weather. There are over 146 different parks in Xi’an, but with so many people trying to enjoy the same kinds of activities, it can get a bit cramped. That’s why we’ve gathered together a list of the biggest parks in Xi’an, so you’ll have a bit of room to enjoy your Spring.

Chanba National Wetlands Park (5.81 km2)

Nestled near the conjunction of the Wei and Ba Rivers, this park features a large number of lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, with a maze of paths and bridges in between. In addition to the natural scenery, there is also a science museum, carnival rides (including bumper cars), and a variety of other attractions. While the park will eventually be accessible by subway when line 10 is completed in 2024, currently the easiest way to access the park is to take a bus or taxi from the North Rail Station.

Xi’an Baqiao Ecological Wetlands Park (6.75 km2)

Located along the banks of the Ba River, this sprawling park features a wide variety of scenic river views, with different types of flowers and grasses that change with the seasons. A great place to work on your nature photography. You can get to this park by subway by taking line 1 to FangZhiCheng and then line 9 to Xiang Wang Station or Ba Liu Er Lu Station.

Duling Ruins Park (8.7 km2)

Duling Ruins Park is located outside of the Third Rings Road South of Qujiang. The park is home to various ruins and grave markers, as well as a museum to house some of the items unearthed there. Besides the historical aspect, there are also many forested areas, a few minor attractions, such as a rock climbing wall, and various ponds spread throughout the park. No subway line reaches Duling, but you can get there by taking bus 25, 736, or 259.

Kunming Pond Relic Park (Current 10km2, 2021 20km2, Planned 30km)

Located to the west of Gaoxin, the Kunming Pond Relic Park is planned to be a major tourist attraction in the future. Already taking up 10km2, the park will double in size by the end of 2021, and expand even further in coming years. Kunming Pond was featured in several poems by poets of various dynasties, so the park reflects some of that historical significance. There is a massive bridge in a traditional Chinese style stretching over the pond, as well as statues and murals that depict some of the scenes from history. There are also a variety of food stalls and other minor activities that you can do at the park, as well as the typical walking paths. To get to the park by public transportation, take Line 3 to Yu Hua Zhai, then bus 823 to the entrance.

Xi’an Han Chang’an City National Relic Site (Planned 65 km2)

This park is still in development, but is meant to cover the original site of Han Dynasty Chang’an. This massive area is located to the northwest of the city, and encompasses several distinct areas inside; including the Weiyang Palace Site, the Jianzhang Palace Site, as well as natural landscape areas and other places of interest. The park is currently undergoing renovation and expansion, so keep an eye out for when this park goes fully operational. Access to various areas of the park might be limited at the moment, but if you’d like to explore the areas that are open, bus 234 will get you the closest.

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