Localand Vietnamese Cuisine Garden Restaurant 越乡Pho·越南美食花园餐厅

Article By Eugene Lombard

When it comes to food here in Xian, we’re spoilt for choice. People flock from all over to indulge in Shaanxi’s delights. And rightly so. The noodles are world famous! And so is the you po mian and rou jia mo. The list is endless. But it’s totally okay to hanker for a different taste every now and then. And for this reason it’s great to see so many new and exciting restaurants popping up all over Xian.
One such restaurant is the newly opened, Vietnamese inspired, Pho.

Pho* is situated within the Localand building complex at Glorious Plaza and is a very welcome addition to an already impressive restaurant offering.

The restaurant can be accessed from outside by means of a stairway. Once on top, you’ll be welcomed by a small courtyard and waiting staff. Or If like me, you prefer getting lost within the maze that is Localand, you can access the restaurant from the inside. Just a heads up, there are a few restaurants on the top floor. Just keep on walking until you reach the room with the most indoor plants you’ve ever seen.
The restaurant is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Plants everywhere. They have created an indoor garden that gives off a jungle feel. The tables are well-spaced and the plants add an extra depth of privacy (if that’s your thing).

The food variety was spot on. If you are familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, you’ll recognize many well-known dishes on the menu. If it’s your first time, no need to worry, just ask for the Pho. A very popular Vietnamese soup dish consisting of rice noodles, herbs, and beef. Or ask the staff for their favorites, they’ll happily guide you through the menu. Their recommendations were great! And for those who think they’ve seen it all, they have a few dishes I’ve not yet come across in Xian.

The food was fresh, vibrant, colorful and tasty. It had all the elements one expects from Vietnamese cuisine. A good balance between aromatics, heat, sweet and sour and all the flavors we associate with Vietnamese food. And, yes, they have ice cold Vietnamese beers that pair perfectly well with the dishes.

The service was great, the staff were friendly and the food was delicious. I can foresee how Pho will become a Xian summer favorite.
My eyes caught a **sign on the way out. “No Noodle No Life” it read. I totally agree. But every so often we need to venture out of our taste bud comfort zone. You don’t need to know your Banh Xeo from your Cao Lau. Just find your way to Pho, and enjoy a meal in the jungle.

  • Pho is part of the Localand group. Not to be confused by the other Pho restaurant group.
    ** When you go up the stairs and see this sign, take a step back. Pho is to the right of you.

If you give this a try, let us know about your experience by messaging us at reviews@xianease.com.