The Great Wall Ride

Article by Marcus Meyer

As many ultra-endurance races got postponed this year and travelling is still very complicated, expensive, and includes many risks, me and some friends decided to set up our own challenge here in China. We came up with the idea to cycle along the Great Wall from west to east and called it Great Wall Ride (GWR).

I took the train with my bike and met my friends from Beijing in Jiuquan, who flew there. Whenever possible I prefer to take the train over a flight, because I rather carry/handle my bike myself rather than trusting airlines with it. Once we had met up, we were ready to begin the trip.

Seeing the Great Wall at several locations and very different conditions impressed me a lot. Hard to imagine how much work was put into it and how long it must have taken to finish it.
I want to thank Brendan, Owen, Fu, and Roel for organising, participating, and helping each other on our trip.
If you are keen on joining our Shaanxi Hills International Team (aka Team SHIT) feel free to contact me. We are doing social group rides, multi day trips in the mountains and sometimes something special. When you read this article we might be on the road, deep in the Qinling Mountains.