TOP5 Sports You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Xi’an

Article by XIANEASE

Sometimes it feels like there is nothing new to do in Xi’an. Our casual routines and set patterns lead inevitably to a sense of boredom that can feel difficult to overcome. However, there is more going on in and around Xi’an than most people realize, and it would be a shame not to give the different activities happening around the city a shot, even if it is just to temporarily relieve the ennui. Since the National Games are now upon us, we decided to pick out a few different sports-based activities that you can try out in Xi’an.

ATVs – Xuandi ATV Cross Country Club (Chang’an Shop)
炫地沙滩车越野俱乐部(长安店 )

All-Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs, might just be the most fun that you can have in an afternoon. With Xuandi ATV Cross Country Club, located a quick cab ride away from the southern ends of Line 4 or Line 2, you can spend a few hours driving their course. There’s even a package deal which lets you have a barbeque lunch along with your ATV time (minimum 5 people, booked at least one day in advance).

Go Karts – WeCart (Daminggong Wanda Shop)

Just like with skating rinks, there are actually more go karting places than you might imagine, but it can be difficult to find them unless you know where to look. One of the most highly-rated karting places is located a short walk from the Daminggong Bei subway stop on Line 4. The go karts here look top of the line and they offer special prices for kids via DaZhongDianPin, so it is a place welcoming to families. They also offer event pricing, where you can book out the whole facility for a set price.

Skateboarding – Streetdreams Skate Park

Skateboarding has been a bit underground in China over the past several years, with few if any designated places to skate, but recent exposure during the Tokyo Olympics and the popularization of skateboarding as a sport have led to the opening of several skate parks around the country, including Streetdreams, located at Dahua South Road near Daminggong. This indoor skate park offers lesson for both kids and adults and also sells all the equipment you might need to skate.

Baseball – LA Strike Club

Baseball is not a sport that you would expect to find in China, as it typically requires a lot of open space and that type of available space is rare to find in cities in China. However, there is a place where you can get a couple of swings in, called LA Strike Club. Located across from the Qujiang Creative Circle(曲江创意谷)This is a relatively small place, but they do have the equipment for practicing your swings, pitching, or just tossing the ball around. They have a full set of catcher’s gear, gloves, and bats. (If you are looking for something more open, there is also a full baseball field available for rent called 西安恒乐棒球俱乐部, located at 雁鸣湖湿地生态公园.

Ice Hockey –OJia Skating Rink

Seeing as winters in Xi’an are not that cold, rarely do you get the opportunity for ice skating, much less ice hockey, but there are a few rinks hidden throughout the city, mostly in shopping malls. OJia Skating Rink, located in Tai Ao Plaza near the KaiYuanMen bubway stop on Line 1, is one of the largest skating rinks in the city, with all the equipment that you might need available to rent. Though they don’t have hockey running all the time, they are trying to make it a regular thing, just looking for players.

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