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Article by Sunny Wang

Can you introduce yourself? Job title, educational background, current projects, languages, hobbies, you family etc.

I am Wang Wenjun from Taiwan, a retired triathlete. I am currently one of the leading representatives for promoting the Triathlon between Taiwan and the China mainland. I graduated from Taiwan, National Tainan Normal University with a major in Triathlon and a minor in Sports Marketing and Management. I can speak Taiwanese, Mandarin, and basic English. I like cycling, swimming, running, cross-country sports, etc. My family lives in Taiwan. My parents and twin sisters are government officers. I am the first athlete in my family.

I am currently working on promoting Triathlon between China Mainland and Taiwan, working on cross-strait culture exchanges based on Triathlon sports. Through my efforts, I would like to get more and more people to know about Triathlon, participate in it and enjoy it.

Are you from Xi’an, why did you come to Xi’an?

I came to Xi’an to take care of my boyfriend, who suffered a serious bike accident. I quit my previous job as a swimming coach in an international school and came to Xi’an to help his rehabilitation.

I like Xi’an – it is a beautiful city with traditional culture and buildings. I hope I can find a job that my boyfriend and I can stay here.

What do you do every day? What is not “normal” work for you?

My daily routine is training, taking care of my boyfriend, and writing articles for my sponsors regarding running, cycling and other sports.

Usually, there is one competition every two weeks. Now, because we are still in a pandemic situation, they can get canceled sometimes. Due to the cancellation, everything will need to be rescheduled, so it is kind of “abnormal” for me.

I participate in competitions. It makes me happy. People should do things they like and feel so glad about. Triathlon competitions are my favorite. The place on the podium depends primarily on your personal physical abilities and daily training. There is some luck involved, such as the weather, one’s body condition at the time (having a cold would not help), but it has a minor effect on the final result.

What is the most impressive accomplishment that every people think great; achievement that not impresses others, but you are very proud of?

I had a severe accident that I barely survived and might not be able to do any sports anymore. Still, I recovered well just after 21 days and won the first prize in the following competition in 2014. Unfortunately, I still have the “Harry Potter flash lightning” scar on my forehead.

Besides, I am a three-year record-holder in a row and still for single-site triathlon competition. Moreover, as a member of the Taipei team in Triathlon, I participated in many competitions mostly in China.

Many people think athletes are only good at sports but not intelligent or creative. I can write good articles for my sponsors, so I know I am multi-skilled and brainy. I don’t care what other people think. I believe in myself.

What is the biggest challenge in general and as a woman? Why do you think these challenges exist?

I think gender and age are the limitations for us, women, to find a job. It is common in the sports field because people believe that women age and can be distracted from sports after getting married and having children.

What are your goals this goal and next 5 years?

My goal for this year is to complete the promises for my sponsors, participate in the competitions, help and support my boyfriend’s treatment and recovery process.

In five years, my goal is to promote and coach more people to join Triathlon. I think Triathlon enhances the interaction between family members. For example, when you participate in a competition, your wife/husband/kid will cheer for you at the finish line. It brings a family together, helps to improve communication and understanding between each other.

To promote sports, I plan to teach the younger generation physical activity in an international school that will cover all students’ grades. Besides, I want to help build a bridge between Taiwan and China’s mainland and facilitate communication by using Triathlon as a medium.

What motivated you to choose the career/path that you have today?

My teacher encouraged me to join Triathlon when I was young. I have loved Triathlon since then. It makes me happy and allows me to always stay positive. I would love to pass on this enthusiasm to the people who love life, sports to spread positive energy.

What are the most important character traits you think someone who want to pursue such career?

One needs to love sports and what they do to carry on every day independently of the conditions. Athletes need to understand that difficulties are waiting for them and be willing to tackle them. Moreover, one needs to be confident and work hard to succeed.

What advice do you have for other women, Chinese or foreign, who are looking to farther their careers?
No matter men or women, they need to be confident and brave. They should follow their own voice, not be interrupted by others, believe in themselves and improve step by step.

Everybody should make their first step and do not worry too much. Once you have started, you will find out there is unlimited possibilities.

Sunny Wang has about 10 years marketing and branding experience in automotive industry ( Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz etc). She is currently working as global sales management in a high-tech company. She believes confidence, independence, bravery, self-respect, humour, and the spirit of keep learning and exploring makes us shine

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