A Special Christmas Dinner at Hualuxe Xi’an Hi-Tech Zone

While hosting a Christmas dinner at your home or apartment is a great idea, sometimes you just want to have the Christmas cheer without worrying about the need to prepare for (and clean up after) a huge meal. Many of the hotels around town offer up a special meals around Christmas, with a huge range of dishes that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. One of these venues hoping to make an impact this Christmas is the Hualuxe hotel in Gaoxin.
Located on Tuanjie Nan Lu, this luxury hotel will be running a special Christmas menu at their buffet restaurant. The spread is really something special, with a huge variety of food stations that will be serving up an international bouquet of flavors. Of the many options available, there will be a carving station featuring all of the Christmas classics, including Roast Turkey, Christmas Ham, Wagyu beef, and a whole host of other meats ready to fill plates and bellies. They will also be offering up a variety of different seafood options, with scallops, oysters, and a variety of fish being grilled up alongside.
They will also be offering up a pasta station, with five different pasta options (squid ink, Macaroni, Farfalle, Conchiglie, and Tagliatelle) with six types of sauce (Pesto, tomato, white, bolognaise, Balsamic vinegar, and fish roe). Alongside this will be a customizable panini bar, with a whole range of different meats, cheeses, sauces and topping to make your ideal hot-pressed sandwich. They will also have a range of different salads and cold dishes so that you can squeeze a few vegetables in besides all of the richer options. And there’s also a cheese bar if you go too far in the healthy direction. (it is a holiday after all.)
To appeal to the an international audience, Hualuxe will also be offering a variety of Japanese dishes, including a sushi and sashimi bar, with a selection of premium seafood ingredients to help you get your fishy fix. There will also be individual Japanese-style hot pots to help warm you up on the cold winter night. And, being in Shaanxi, there will of course be noodles, with five different kinds of noodle and beef paomo on the menu as well.
And what would Christmas be without desserts? This hotel really goes all out when it comes to dessert on a normal day, and it is guaranteed that they will take this to the next level when it comes to Christmas. The menu plans to have over twenty-four different types of dessert, from Christmas favorites such as gingerbread and Yule logs, to Italian Panettone and German Stollen, as well as pecan pie, candy cane cheesecake, and so much more. They are also offering up 12 different types of ice cream and the ice cream that they serve is some of the best that you can find on any buffet in Xi’an. They’ll also have a range of local desserts for people with only a mild sweet tooth.
For many, the holidays are not complete without a tasty beverage or six that put the spirit into the holidays. On this, Hualuxe doesn’t disappoint, with free flow on a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including white and red wines, white beer, Corona, Heineken, Kirin, sake, and two types of cocktails, as well as fresh fruit juices, sodas, and a range of tea and coffee beverages.
All in all, Hualuxe is going all out for their Christmas celebration in order to make their guests have a happy holiday. So when you’re considering what to do this holiday season, give the buffet at Hualuxe a thought. And have yourself a Merry Christmas!