AWE Meeting and Women’s Day Walk

Article by Francesca Feng

The AWE Society met in the Gingko Restaurant on 2nd March. Nineteen women attended, nine of whom were new members. It was agreed that the AWE provided an important space for women to support each other to and to talk through their problems. For many of the members AWE provides a place to connect with other women. The post-COVID many of our members have found that they are isolated with many of their friends and colleagues having moved away, or having moved back to Xi’an from other cities. Finally, several members noted that it was fantastic to be able to interact with people who are aspiring women in their fields.

TSeveral of the women suggested new activities, including workshops and outdoor activities. It was also suggested that the group could expand into literary endeavours. It was suggested that a short story/ book club could be started. Other activities such as cooking classes, yoga classes or language exchange were also suggested.

Several of the members’ charity events need to form a significant part of the work of AWE going forward. It was suggested that an AWE charity concert could be organised during the summer months.

It was noted that greater efforts need to be taken to increase the profile of AWE, it is necessary to attract more aspiring women to our association, but also find formats which permit large groups to interact in a meaningful manner.

The AWE organised a Women’s day walk on Sunday 6th and a dinner on Tuesday 8th.