Article by Marcus Meyer

Whenever there is a national holiday, or long weekends on the horizon, we do our best to organize a multi-day cycling trip to areas in and around Xi’an. The trips usually last for three to four days and often take us deep into the Qinling mountains to see all the wonders that the beautiful landscapes have to offer.
We plan the routes to pass by scenic spots, as well as utilising nice empty roads through rural areas for a pleasant and safe ride. For accommodations, we will stay at well-known farmhouses and family run hotels that we have used in previous years to guarantee that there is a nice place to rest after a day of cycling.
For these trips, we offer various services to make sure participants of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the cycling and company. We bring along two guides who are expert cyclists and our support car includes a professional mechanic to help solve any issues that might arise during the trip. Anyone can decide how much they want to ride, getting a lift from the support car at any time, whether they are tired or just want to ride for part of the trip. It’s totally fine. Over the past several years, we’ve had every type of cyclist, from complete beginners up and even kids joining in on a few trips, so there’s no need to worry if someone isn’t super fit. We also have rental bikes, helmets and other gear if need be, so you don’t have to worry about investing a huge amount of money to go.
The daily distance we will cover depends on the particular route, but typically we start cycling in the morning, do multiple stops for photos/resting throughout the day, and arrive at the farmhouse in the late afternoon and enjoy the evenings there, likely with plenty of food, drinks, and fun.
The prices for these trips depend on the size of the group, as the costs for the services (guides, support car, housing, etc.) get divided by the number of participants.
For more information please contact Marcus to find out about upcoming tours and dates.