TOP5 Ways to Destress in Xi’an

Article by XIANEASE

Life in the big city can be stressful. With all of the people, constant traffic, and endless work, the stress of life can pack on quickly. Add in the stresses of the world at large and everything can start to feel a bit overwhelming. What’s needed is a way to destress, to pull away from the hustle and bustle and unwind for a bit. While it might not seem that way on the surface, there are actually quite a few remedies for the daily grind that are hiding away, just beneath the surface of Xi’an.

01 Hot Springs

Soaking in a bunch of hot water is a time-honored way of ridding yourself of all the stress associated with everyday life. You can find hot springs with natural spring water all around Xi’an, especially out in Lintong. The Qinling Mountains are replete with hot spring hotels that will give you a respite from both the city, and your cares. Spend a weekend away and you’ll see.
Top Recommendation: Angsana Hot Spring Hotel

02 Nature Hike

Nature therapy is a great way to rid yourself of stress while getting some exercise in at the same time. While there are plenty of parks in the cities, these tend to fill up very quickly and crowds are not a great way to destress. Luckily the Qinling Mountains are replete with national parks. There is typically an entry fee, and transportation is usually a bus or taxi.
Top Recommendation: Taiping Valley Park (Nice soothing waterfalls)

03 Tea Houses

Most public spaces are quite noisy in Xi’an. From restaurants to public squares, it can be difficult to escape the sounds of everyday life and find a truly peaceful place to relax. The one exception to this are tea houses. Usually tucked away on higher floors or on side streets, tea houses have a serene tranquility that is rarely broken. Usually they are arranged in such a way as to provide peace and quiet to those inside. Whether you sit down for a pot or a cup, you are guaranteed to have a restful time.
Top Recommendation: Zizaikongjian

04 Spa

Spas are a classic way to unwind. A little pampering here and there never hurt anyone, and the quality of spas has increased greatly over the past several years. Whether you prefer a nice hot oil massage or a complete care package, there are places all around the city that can cater to your needs. Always check apps like Dazhongdianping and Meituan for discounts, as this is a competitive market that favors the customer.
Top Recommendation: Lanna Springs Spa (South Gate Shop)

05 Bookstores

There is something incredibly therapeutic about bookstores. Rummaging through row after row of books; the quiet focus of people reading; the occasional smell of coffee in the air. There is much to love about the whole experience when the feeling hits. Even better if it is raining. There are numerous bookstores around Xi’an, with some of the larger ones having both coffee shops and English books inside. Definitely a place where you can spend a few quiet hours getting lost in the shelves.
Top Recommendation: Fangsuo Bookstore (G-Park)

Enjoy these recommendations. Do you know of any other atypical sports that can be done in and around Xi’an? Let us know by sending us a message at our official WeChat account or by emailing us at