Winter Cycling in Xi’an

Your first question may be a big WHY?
First, winters in Shaanxi aren’t usually that bad, besides a few weeks of colder, smoggy weather. Nothing that could stop you from doing some exercises and staying or getting in shape. Cycling is also a very good way to improve your fitness and health. It’s fun to explore the surroundings around the city, especially when you go with a group of friends. The feeling of accomplishment is bigger in these days too.

Private Hot Spring Getaways in Xi’an

Winter is the best season for spas. In an outdoor private hot spring spa, you can relax in warm water while breathing cool air. If it happens to snow, you can watch the snow dancing above the steaming water and melting on your shoulder. This kind of iconic vision always appears in Japanese TV series, now you can experience it in Xi’an.

Xi’an is rich in hot spring spas because of abundant geothermal resources beneath the Qinling mountains. Around the city, there are many spas that can provide private yards with a hot spring pool. You can even have BBQ or hotpot in some of these places. So, we gathered some information on good private spas near Xi’an. When you go there, don’t forget to take passport/ID card and a green Yimatong (Health code).

Traveling Domestically in China Post-Pandemic

With international travel not possible for foreigners living in China, some have felt that their travel options are somewhat limited, with many avoiding travel all together. However, domestic travel has been an option for several months now, but many are still unsure about what it would be like traveling in China post-COVID. What do you need to do? Is it possible to travel wherever you want? What loops with you need to jump through in order to do so.