Private Hot Spring Getaways in Xi’an

Article by Yuxue

Winter is the best season for spas. In an outdoor private hot spring spa, you can relax in warm water while breathing cool air. If it happens to snow, you can watch the snow dancing above the steaming water and melting on your shoulder. This kind of iconic vision always appears in Japanese TV series, now you can experience it in Xi’an.

Xi’an is rich in hot spring spas because of abundant geothermal resources beneath the Qinling mountains. Around the city, there are many spas that can provide private yards with a hot spring pool. You can even have BBQ or hotpot in some of these places. So, we gathered some information on good private spas near Xi’an. When you go there, don’t forget to take passport/ID card and a green Yimatong (Health code).

LinJianJiuShe (林间九舍)

LinJianJiuShe (林间九舍) opened in 2019 and is very close to the city. You can go there by taking the metro Line 3 until you reach Yuhuazhai, and then take a taxi or the 823 bus until you reach Shijingli. The hotel offers a three-story villa with a courtyard, including 3 bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 6 people. It’s a good choice for two families or a group of friends. There is a private hot spring pool in the yard. The room charge includes one pool of hot spring water, which can be recycled and kept warm for 3 hours. The hotel provides a barbecue and hot pot stove for a fee of 200, but the guests need to bring their own ingredients. One can only order a villa by phone or via WeChat 林间九舍.

Phone: 029-8950 3999
Address: No.21 Shijingli, Fengbin Shuizhen, Fengdong New Town, Chang’an District, Xi’an
Price: 2388RMB per yard

Bighouse (骊语阁温泉庭院小筑)

Bighouse is a new spa hotel (opened in 2020) which has done up their design in white and dark brown. People who enjoy Chinese culture in the Instagram-style will like their stay here. The hotel offers a loft for maximum 3 people with a private yard and an outdoor pool. The room fee includes one pool of hot spring water, which can keep warm for 3-5 hours. No food is served in the hotel, so guests must look for food outside of the hotel or order delivery.

Phone: 029-8399 0111
Address: Jianxin South Road, 50 meters west of Qinma hot pot parking lot, Lintong
Price: 876RMB – 1683RMB per yard

西安临潼悦椿 (Angsana)温泉

Angsana(悦椿) is a spa hotel which offers hot spring water 8 hours per day, from 15pm to 23pm. You can get a room for 2 people with a private yard and outdoor pool. There is even a sauna room in the yard. This is the best choice for people who like spa.

Phone: 029-8387 8888
Address: No.8, Yuechun East Road, Fenghuang Avenue, Lintong District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province
Price: 2743RMB per yard

Hua Qing Yutang Hotel (华清御汤酒店)

Hua Qing Yutang Hotel (华清御汤) is just next to the original ancient royal spa for the Tang Ming emperor and his lover Yang Guifei. It has private hot spring room for 2 people with a small yard. It also offers bigger private pool for maximum 10 people sharing one big yard with 5 independent rooms, just like a Beijing Siheyuan. You can have barbeque and hot pot there, and free entry to Hua Qing Chi. Hot spring water is available from 19 pm to 24 pm. This hotel can meet almost all the needs of people for hot springs.

Phone: 029-8399 9888
Address: No.38, Huaqing Road, Lintong District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province
Price: 1795RMB – 33307RMB per yard