HLLLLK 浩李客 Stance Shop (曲江店)

Have you ever wondered where the young and fashionable people are? Well, apparently they all show up to this café on Friday afternoons. Arriving at 2PM on a Friday, we found that this place was packed, with almost every available chair taken up both indoors and out. The building, converted from a monorail station, sits in the middle of the park on Yannan Second Road, and the café takes up the first floor, with the second floor being devoted to a retail shop. The café is pretty spacious, despite the crowds, and the windows open up to allow people to sit on either side of the standing tables, meaning that you have people standing and sitting both outside and in. So, what makes this place so popular amongst the in crowd? We were set to find out.

Role Models:Vitomira Loncar

I am a Croat (63). Throughout my life, I have had many different identities such as actress, producer, doctoral candidate, professor, wife, and mother. The common thread is that I am a life-long learner.
I guess you could say my life started when I was 24, I did my first movie and got famous overnight. I was on the front page of all the newspapers and magazines. Money followed easily and for a time that was enough. However, I started to feel that life should be about more than just the spotlight.

TOP5 Ways to Destress in Xi’an

Life in the big city can be stressful. With all of the people, constant traffic, and endless work, the stress of life can pack on quickly. Add in the stresses of the world at large and everything can start to feel a bit overwhelming. What’s needed is a way to destress, to pull away from the hustle and bustle and unwind for a bit. While it might not seem that way on the surface, there are actually quite a few remedies for the daily grind that are hiding away, just beneath the surface of Xi’an.

A Look at Shaanxi Dialect

When most people think of the Chinese language, the first thing that comes to mind is how difficult it is to learn. After all, most foreigners who have come to live in China have, at some point, attempted to learn the language, with varying degrees of success. But when we say, “learn Chinese”, what we are actually referring to is Mandarin Chinese or standard Chinese. However, anyone who has attempted to have a conversation outside of a classroom has likely encountered a slight hiccup – dialects and accents.
Chinese language is actually composed of a wide variety of different dialects and accompanying accents. The good news is, most people under 30 likely speak with relatively unaccented Mandarin Chinese, with only a slight inflection here or there that may uncover an indication of where they are from. The older generations, though, are a different matter entirely. In either case, most people in China can speak at least two versions of Chinese, standard Mandarin and their hometown dialect.

MOLI Restaurant

The heat of this June was brutal. While we haven’t yet been able to escape to the breezy Qingdao seaside or to the dry dunes of Dunhuang, we did find respite at the Moli Restaurant during a weekend lunch hour.
Situated deep in the Zhonglou Xiaoqu, a mixed residential-commercial area immediately southwest of the Xi’an Bell Tower roundabout, Moli is a bit difficult to find. To get there, you will need to navigate around several corners and inevitably pass numerous traditional Shaanxi snack stalls and small restaurants peddling local dishes. The searching is well worth it though – Moli is the only Western restaurant in the area, and it offers several wonderfully pleasant surprises.

Friends Union 友联食所(未央国际店)

Some experiences just stick with you: your first sports game; your first kiss; or maybe a trip you took years prior. For me, one that resonates with me was my time in Japan. There were so many experiences to take in, so I can think of lots of things I enjoyed, but one I carry with me was the simple pleasure of the Izakaya. By definition, an Izakaya is a type of Japanese bar in which a variety of small, – typically inexpensive – dishes and snacks are served to accompany the alcoholic drinks. And that’s exactly what I got while I was there. It was a relaxed drinking environment for the weary and hardworking. A place to gather and take in the people around you, while enjoying simple prepared food at a decent price. Oh, and of course you had to have a nice cold draft to chug while you ate. It was that charming and unpretentious dining experience that was so attractive, especially after running around the city chasing fancy cocktail bars, malls, and museums. It was so nice, and now I find myself longing for that same feeling after a busy day.

COMMUNE (西安量子晨店)

Tommune is probably familiar to many expats in Xi’an, as it is one of the more reasonably priced options when it comes to going out in Xi’an. With a massive selections of drinks and food, a lively environment, and friendly service, it is no surprise. Capitalizing on the success of their first location near West Gate, they have opened up a new venture in Qujiang near the BeiChiTou subway station. Since people have been so taken with the first location, we decided to go check out their newest venture to see how it stacks up.

Mina’s Western Restaurant

Have you heard? There’s a new western restaurant in town that has been the talk of the town. Real, home-style Western food, something the community in Xi’an has been sorely missing, especially in this era of limited travel. But this is no mere substitute for tastes of home. The food here is legitimately good, and varied enough to satisfy any taste buds. Whether you want smash burgers, fish and chips, falafel, or delicious milkshakes, Mina’s Western Restaurant is sure to hit the spot..

Sharing the Summer Love – Volunteering in Xi’an

Summer is a time for vacations, barbeques with friends, and enjoying the sunshine outdoors. Another thing that summer is known for is free time. Kids are out of school, teachers get a long break, and there are long stretches where there is little to do. And while you can fill your time with the activities above, you can also use your free time for volunteer work. While there are many ways to give back to society, one of the best ways to make an impact is volunteering with non-profit organizations that often have more to do than they can do alone. Anything can be done, from using your professional teaching or technical skills or even just lending a hand with distribution or chopping vegetables. All it really takes is a willing heart and an open mind to start making the world around you a slightly better place to live. If you are looking for a place to volunteer, below we have listed some of the charities that are operate in Xi’an.


2024年5月20日至5月26日,雪花秀「幻月奇境」限时展空降西安开元商城。展内设有精彩多样的互动区域,以现代感的方式重新诠释护肤艺术。沉浸幻月奇境,同时见证雪花秀奢华抗老又一代表作雪花秀菁典臻秀精萃水乳(昵称:月光水乳)上市。开启超然艺术之旅,共赴先锋美学。 邂逅美学空间 沉浸幻月奇境 雪花秀「幻月奇境」限时展以菁典臻秀系列Ultimate Read More …


近日,凯德投资旗下的旅宿业务板块——雅诗阁有限公司(以下简称“雅诗阁”)宣布,公司旗下屡获殊荣的lyf品牌于2023年再获8份新管理合同,业务扩展至巴厘岛、槟城、悉尼及法兰克福等全新度假胜地和城市目的地。作为一个主张共享生活的旅宿品牌,lyf在成立之初就有着前瞻性,并随着人们对以体验为导向的社交生活需求不断增长,发展势头日益强劲。如今,lyf已衍生成为一场具有灵活性的多维度住宿体验,产品类型从共享公寓向都市酒店及度假型项目扩容。 lyf专为包括数字游牧民、科技业者、独立创意者和创业者在内的下一代旅行者量身定制,提供超越传统的住宿体验。无论是短期暂住、长期停留或永久居住,lyf旨在将自身打造成一个值得信赖的旅宿品牌,连接住客与城市、人群与文化。目前,该品牌已进驻全球21个城市,运营及在建单元超过5,500套。随着品牌在全球范围内持续发展,lyf将继续向越来越多的品牌拥趸们传递其标志性的、以体验为导向的社会生活理念。 凯德投资旅宿首席执行官吴洵杰先生表示:“出行的意义不仅仅是为了到达目的地,而是让自己沉浸在另一个城市的心跳中。自新加坡lyf福南共享公寓于2019年亮相以来,lyf品牌的表现令人瞩目。在过去的一年,lyf的增长速度也彰显着品牌拥有巨大潜力,无论是全方位服务的酒店或度假型项目,在更多的酒店资产类别中,品牌拥有进一步扩大规模的可能性。目前,lyf在全球已运营及储备了30多个项目;未来,我们将会把lyf带到更多的旅游目的地,朝着到2030年拥有150家物业、超过30,000套单元的目标努力。” 伴随着这8份管理合同,2023年lyf品牌共新增近1,500套单位,签约速度几乎较上一年翻一番。新签项目包括新加坡武吉士项目、马来西亚的吉隆坡十五碑社区项目及槟城乔治市项目、印度尼西亚的巴厘岛苍古项目、澳大利亚的悉尼萨塞克斯项目、日本的东京涩谷项目、德国的法兰克福项目以及中国上海项目。这些物业计划在未来四年内开业,推动lyf品牌的全球影响力持续攀升。 Read More …


酒店以古今交融的设计与细致入微的服务精心缔造非凡奢华体验,盛邀宾客共赴一场由内而外的全然焕活之旅。 西安高新JW万豪酒店坐落于城市商务中心——西安高新技术产业开发区,地理位置得天独厚。毗邻众多联合国教科文组织世界遗产及名胜古迹,将长安古韵与现代优雅巧妙融合。酒店致力于为宾客打造身临其境、焕活身心的居停体验,引领宾客探索由身及心、由内而外的平衡之道。居停于此,宾客可轻松前往唐城墙遗址公园、兵马俑、大雁塔和西安古城墙等众多著名景点,感受千年古都灿烂而丰富的历史与文化。酒店交通便捷通达,距离西安火车站仅13公里,距西安北站20公里,驱车38公里即可抵达西安咸阳国际机场。 繁华千年的古城西安,积淀着深厚悠久的文化底蕴。酒店从中国古代书院之中汲取灵感,以独到设计彰显大唐风华,匠心呈现古风气韵与现代奢华的巧妙融合。酒店隐逸而宁静的文化氛围,为商务与休闲宾客打造一方奢享之所。酒店的内部设计别具巧思,将竹简、银杏树、亭台楼阁等传统元素重新解构,化作典雅的墙面装饰与艺术作品,以别样的角度诠释着这座历史名城灿若星辰的文化。酒店客房每一层的电梯厅都有独具西安本地特色的沉浸式场景陈设,通过古建筑、唐三彩及茶文化等六个主题,呈现出一个个迷你“展览馆”,令宾客足不出户即可体验丰富多彩的当地文化与生活方式。 西安高新JW万豪酒店秉承品牌对地道餐饮体验的追求与坚持,设有两间餐厅和一间酒廊,为宾客带来多样化的餐饮选择。永镐阁中餐厅设有14间宁静舒适的包间及一个开放式用餐区,其门头匾额的字体源自于近代著名民族英雄林则徐为西安碑林博物馆所题写的 Read More …

跃马全新2+软顶敞篷跑车全国首发 法拉利Roma Spider于阿那亚奏响意式生活新“跃”章

西安,2023年11月12日——法拉利携全新力作Roma Spider于历史悠久的文明古城西安举办发布会,宣告这款融合现代美学与意式风尚的跃马新作正式登陆西安。当经典设计与摩登元素交融,法拉利Roma Spider为每一位莅临现场的嘉宾鸣奏了一曲充满意趣的生活新“跃”章 。  法拉利Roma Read More …


The bread isn’t sweet. I could probably end the review right there and it would be enough to get you to go to Ugly Bread, a bakery that has recently opened at the 西影Time Shopping Plaza next to the Movie Park. But that would be doing this shop a disservice, as they are doing much more than simply making savory bread. Opened with the idea that bread should taste good, this bakery is serving up bread with some unique and delicious flavor combos, as well as some classics bound to make you happy.