Cheese Fondue Bread

As the National Games are approaching soon, I thought it best to include a recipe for this month’s issue focusing on shared food.

Many of us think of a fondue being made and served in a pot, however, the vehicle of choice here is an entire loaf of bread that’s been disemboweled and stuffed with cheese. The inner bits removed are torn into chunks, anointed with olive oil and baked in a hot oven until crispy. These bronzed morsels are used to dip into the fondue. This is an ideal oozing, gooey pull-apart treat that’s great for sharing whilst watching the games and certainly a crowd pleaser.

Chocolate Malva Pudding

Forgive me for this month’s contribution being a hot bake in the sweltering summer, however it all balances once served with a scoop or three of cooling vanilla ice cream.

This sweet is a traditional South African dessert with a pep and tweak from a classic British baked chocolate pudding. I don’t claim it, nor shall I entitle this as my own recipe as it does come from my chef school recipe file. As a student, I made this many a time and has often proudly taken place of honor on many dinner tables back home.