Written by Stuart Allen

If you teach children and are looking to teach them to read, then these super easy and fun Flip Books are something which you can make in your class in the coming weeks. The students will love making them and the parents will be delighted with their child’s rapid reading improvement. Here is how to make the Phonics Flip Books:

Get a sheet of A4 paper and fold up the bottom 1.5″. Keep folding backwards and forwards until you get to the top.
You should be left with the paper like this…
Staple the folded paper onto bright and attractive card. This will make the Flip Book look appealing to children and give it rigidity.
Your flip book is starting to come together. You now have a number of pages in the book.
Get some scissors and cut the white pages into three sections.
Write in different words in sections like so. Dot the letters, so that your kids can trace the parts of the word and make the sounds with you. Choose words which can mix and match easily into others, for example, Cr-a-b, Cr-i-b, T-a-b, T-a-p, etc.
Have the kids trace the letters, form the sounds together, and get reading.
Sit with your class and show the focus words you want them to find and learn to read and say. A quality activity with your class!