Written by XIANEASE

Ahhh summer in Xi’an – a great time for getting out doors and when you spend a summer in Xi’an one of the biggest (maybe THE biggest) activities is eating outside, no matter if it’s a huge feed with friends or a quick bite on the go if you only get your meals from a set restaurant you’re missing out on one of the truly great experiences of summer Xi’an (the other great experiences being sweating through your shirt and getting sunburnt walking down the street). This month we put together five of the best summer foods BUT these are not foods only available in season these are foods that won’t heat you up and for the most part can be found out doors. So get out there and try these five and twenty more of your own, eating outside…it’s what summer in Xi’an is all about!
1.凉皮 – Liang Pi (Rice Noodles)
The traditional and iconic Xi’an lunch – liang pi is cold rice noodles dipped into chili sauce and served with bean sprouts and cucumber slivers. That’s pretty much all there is to it except that when you really get into eating Liang Pi you will start to notice a difference in taste from place to place, but no matter where you grab it liang pi is a quick and tasty snack that fills you up without causing you to perspire.
Where to get it: Wei Jia Liang Pi (魏家凉皮)
Address / 地址: 3 Nan Da Jie (碑林区南大街3号)
Phone / 电话: 029-87239211
Cost: RMB 5.00
2.烤肉 – Kao Rou (BBQ)
What’s there to say about Kao Rou, it’s a Chinese standard when it comes to summer and no matter if you’re sitting on a street corner or in one of those fancy BBQ restaurants nothing quite brings up the feeling of summertime like roasted meat off a stick. Don’t forget to add a few cool drinks to the table and make it night. While lots of different kinds of BBQ are great the one we recommended could possibly be the BEST place for chicken wings in the city…give them a try and see what you think.
Where to get it: Qiang Qiang Kao Rou (强强烤肉) – Best Chicken Wings in Xi’an!
Address / 地址: On the north side of Xi Yi Rd (西一路) just after the Duan Lu Men (端履门) intersection
Cost: stick of three wings is RMB 15 (a bit expensive but SOOOOO worth it!)
3.涮牛肚  – Shuan Niu Du (Rinsed Tripe)
Now before you go and look up the word tripe and then think we’ve lost our heads (tripe is cow stomach) hear us out. Served with your choice of veggies all coated in sesame sauce this peanut butter-esq soup pot is served luke warm and is great for small groups. The cow stomach doesn’t actually taste like stomach (what does stomach taste like anyway?), it’s not chewy, and it blends really well with the vegetables and sesame sauce. But don’t take our word for it, head down and grab one…it might just surprise you.
Where to get it: Yang Xiang Shuan Niu Du (杨翔豆皮涮牛肚)
Address / 地址: Xi Guan Zheng Jie (莲湖区西关正街)
Phone / 电话: 029-88648835
Cost: RMB 40.00
4. 蜂蜜凉粽子 – Feng Mi Liang Zong (Packed Rice with Honey)
The only dessert on our list is this Muslim Quarter delight, a great way to top off an afternoon lunch or for a quick pick-me-up when you’re out in the heat. This sticky rice based dish is made by cutting the steamed rice into hunks and combining them with honey and rose. It’s a natural dish that not only refreshes but also invigorates because of the natural sugar content.
Where to get it: Muslim Quarter (回民街)
Address / 地址: Xi Yang Shi Hui Min Jie (回民街西羊市)
Cost:  RMB 5.00
5.小龙虾 – Xiao Long Xia (Crayfish)
Taking Xi’an by storm there are new Crayfish (小龙虾) places opening all over the city. This huge dish of “river lobsters” is usually served in a hotpot-esq sauce though some places do offer varying tastes for those not so into the Mala flavor.
These little guys go great with a cool beer and be sure to grab some plan bread (干饼) to dip into the sauce!
Pro Tip: Forget the flimsy plastic gloves they give you, the spiny crawfish invariably poke holes in the gloves just marinating your hands in the sauce…go aú natural and wash your hands after.
Where to get it: Spicy Kitchen (辣家私厨)
Address: 96, Sifu jie (莲湖区 四府街96号路西 (大自在火锅向南50米))
Phone: 029-8762 2992
Cost: RMB 40.00