Fizzy Bar

Article By Benjamin Greuter

As refreshing and inviting as the name implies, its good to see a new bar opening with such boldness in a space bigger than the usual walk-in closet setup. After having reviewed several bars, and before that having tested and sought out many more, its always a sight for sore eyes to see a bar the size of Fizzy open up and try it own style and demeanor in the competitive world of Chinese store-front bars. Inside, the bar looks like a comfortable diner, neon signs and all, and during my visit, classy jazz and even some blues (with the occasional Christmas song randomly thrown in to ensure a truly homey atmosphere).

The bar offers an array of the expected drinks and cocktails, enough to suit most everyone’s fancy, but noteworthy is their food menu: while it is still early, and some things on the menu may not have been stocked quite yet, the choices looked promising; chicken and beef wraps with REAL mustard, several salad choices, and some interesting a la carte items that I was happy to test. Pleasantly impressed with my findings, I immediately got up to scope out the place, facilities and all, to see what other small smiles this place had to offer.

The size of the main room is respectable, and its diner-style allows for an open atmosphere, even familial in a way. Just choose your seats carefully; a table under the neon lit signs can produce a headache long before you ever get hungover. There are other seating options, however, which are perhaps even better than the diner-bar itself. The front porch, long and out of reach of the zealous signs inside, is the perfect wall-side view of the comings and going of the street. If you venture to the back of the bar (necessarily if you’re one who frequents the toilet while drinking) you’ll see a back porch! It’s a mini-courtyard style area with a few tables for those of us wanting a cozy, quieter evening with a few select friends. The hanging rope lights slowly brighten and fade, and the walls keep out almost all of the city’s light pollution, so if you’re wanting a quiet escape to chat up your significant other, you’re covered!

1F, 20m West of Shun Cheng Nan
Xiang, Zhu Que Gate
( 朱雀门里顺城南巷西段里20米1F )

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