Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus

Article By Giulia and Sasha


Hacker-Pschorr-Brauhaus-0A quiet, narrow alley leads you to the recently opened Marriot Hotel on Gaoxin 4 Lu. You’ll immediately recognize the outside patio of the Hacker-PschorrBrauhaus. The Marriot is a fi ve starhotel, so we were expecting one of thoserestaurants with linen table cloth and abunch of cutlery, and wished we were wearing our high heel shoes for the occasion.

Fortunately, it wasn’t what we anticipated! The Hacker-Pschorr is a classy Bavarian Brauhaus, a three level open restaurant with simple wooden décor that truly has a European vibe. Particularly impressive when entering the restaurant was the big shiny brewery behind the bar, that serves huge glasses of cold foamy Paulaner.

A friendly waiter in a traditional Bavarian outfi t showed us to our table next to a stage with a big screen behind it, and that’s when we noticed the second and third fl oor.The restaurant can fi t 380 customers, and has tables of any size, from the spacious booths to thecozy romantic tables for two. As soon as we sat down and started looking through the menu, which offers a variety of Bavarian dishes with both English and Chinese descriptions, we were offered two kinds of home-brewed Paulaner beer. I got myself a glass of Dunkel and Sasha opted for a Lager. Since neither of us are German, it would have probably taken ages to decide what to order, but luckily our knight in shining armor, the manager of the Brauhaus, came to recommend us the specials of the day. We agreed on having a Bavarian potato salad, a platter of mixed sausages and a roast pork knuckle that came with the side of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, plus an onion soup, which our knight strongly recommended.Hacker-Pschorr-Brauhaus-1

Finally our food arrived.Oh, how good it is to be served big plates that are actually full of food! Under the crispy crust of the pork knuckle, the meat was tender and juicy, and the fi rst bite proved that it tasted as good as it looked. The sausage plate was a generous taste of fi ve kinds of Bavariandelights that perfectly go with two kinds of mustard on the side. The Potato salad was full of bacon crisps (and bacon makes everything better, at least for us). The big surprise was the onion soup: cooked in dark beer, it preserves the taste of onions without ruining your breath if you are on a date!For dessert we shared a plate of blueberry pancakes that were not too sweet, with a light texture. Overall, we enjoyed our time at the HackerPschorrBrauhaus. The place is classy without being too formal, and the Staff speaks good English and is ready to recommend you new dishes to discover. Even though prices might look high, you do get your money’s worth. TV screens showing sports;a Philippine band providing an enjoyable, lively, yet not-tooloud-to-chat show; the outside patio; and the large Beer bites selection (cheese and sausage platters, pretzels and many more treats) makes it a perfect place to hang out after work.Hacker-Pschorr-Brauhaus-2

德国赫佰仕啤酒坊 介绍

德国赫佰仕啤酒坊(西安)投资3500万元引进德国原装进口酿酒设备。由德国派驻的资深酿酒师根据1516年巴伐利亚啤酒纯净法则,仅使用麦芽、啤酒花、水和酵母为原料酿制鲜美醇厚的现酿啤酒。赫佰仕琥珀麦香属于经典黑啤,使用焙烤麦芽, 突出麦芽香味和麦芽焦香味,口味醇厚,口感甘甜。黄啤赫佰仕金色窖藏泡沫丰满,细腻挂杯,口味清爽、入口绵润。数百年来,备受欢迎的赫佰仕鲜酿一直代表着至高品质。店内经典德式菜品有脆皮烤猪肘、德式煎薄饼,还有巴伐利亚经典香肠拼盘,其中香肠种类包含法兰克福、纽伦堡、盘肠、芝士肠、图林根、小牛肉肠等。无论何种菜式,赫佰仕现酿啤酒都会与其相得益彰。餐厅配备专业级音响设备,特邀菲律宾驻店乐队每晚8点为您带来精彩绝伦的表演,享受异国风情的视听盛宴,在这里感受美食与文化的双重就餐体验。

1st floor of Marriott Executive
Apartments Xi’an, N0.16 4th Gaoxin
( 高新区高新四路16号西安万豪行政公寓一层 )
029-6568 2399

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