Abrie Pieterse – First Lead Artist (Oct.-Dec. 2015)

Nationality: South African

I have been working as an English teacher in Xi’an since March 2015 to children aged 3-12.  I have always enjoyed drawing (since I could hold a pencil) and I like to implement drawing on the blackboard or whiteboard as a teaching aid as often as possible.  When I heard Xianease was looking for artists to draw a comic-strip I jumped at the chance and I look forward to producing many fun and entertaining comic strips along with the rest of the crazy team (I mean that in the nicest way, of course). I have traveled to a number of countries but this is my first time traveling to Asia.  Prior to coming to China I worked full time as a driving instructor and part time as a swimming teacher and sports coach. I enjoy this city because I like visiting museums, temples, and historical sites and Xi’an is full of them.

In my spare time I enjoy running and watching retro cartoons.  I don’t like electronic malfunctions or dirty looks!

You can contact me directly: abriepieterse@yahoo.com