Ben J. Greuter – Content Contributor and Drinking Buddy

Nationality: American

Hey, I’m Ben G., and I’m totally psyched about ‘Expat the Unexpected,’ a brilliant idea belonging to Christina. I’m sure happy to contribute to the writing and development of the characters, and I hope everyone gets as much enjoyment and catharsis from it as we do!

I’m from the States, and I followed my faith here to Xi’an where I now teach literature, writing, and some test prep.: so as you can imagine, I’m stoked about a comic featuring foreign teachers moving here. Life here is truly one unexpected event after another, and the longer we stay, the more we really are able to expect exactly that. Hopefully the comic can put some things into perspective for some, bridge gaps for others, or at least get you to smirk while you glance over it sipping your drink. Enjoy!

Oh and I like eggplants and hate, hate, hate Ferris wheels and color-dyed ponytails on men!