Shane Cai – Translator and Consultant

Nationality: Chinese

When Ben first told me about the comic, I was fascinated by the idea of expressing cultural collision through it. I was more than happy to be invited to help with the translation of needed parts and provide insights from a Chinese point of view. I’m from the Northeast of China. After spending 4 years studying in Xi’an International Studies University, I decided to prolong my staying in this city upon graduation.

Being an English major, I had rich practice in the translation between English and Chinese. And now I’m working as a freelance translator. I’m especially fond of translating lyrics and interesting articles in my free time. You can follow my WeChat official account (ID: Shane_the_translator) to see my translations and ideas.

I like writing, singing, cooking… (I better stop before the page runs out.) And I hate scallions, onions or anything related to them.

You can contact me directly: