Christina R. Roca – Artistic Director

Nationalities: French & American

Hi everyone! I’m CHR and I am the creator of “Expat the Unexpected”.

To introduce myself briefly, I would start by saying that I have always loved comic-strips since I can remember…Garfield, The Far Side, Snoopy, Calvin and Hobbes, to name just a few. Laughing while reading those comics would always make me feel better! And it stayed with me, this feeling that laughter can cure anything!

The idea of creating a comic to describe life in China and what us foreigners feel and experience here was the best way to exteriorize those feelings and truly embrace this different culture.

I have been living in Xi’an for two years (and counting!), and I’m lovin’ it! I come from a multi-cultural home, so travelling and discovering new cultures have always been one of my passions! To describe myself a little bit more, I would add that I currently work in the marketing department of a hotel and that in my spare time, I (try to) learn Chinese. I have recently started to learn Italian, too. I play the guitar and write songs. I am very curious about the world and everything in it, and I especially care about environmental issues.

I love big dogs and hate people who need to diminish others to feel better about themselves.


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