Daisy Zhou – Lead Artist

Nationality: Chinese
Hi, Everyone! This is Daisy. I wanted to be part of the ETU team so badly as soon as I heard about this idea. But I didn’t get to do it because of my earlier circumstances. But I’m glad I can be back on track now!
I started drawing when I was 5: I like drawing things when the inspiration comes. How would I describe myself? I like a Disney animated picture called <Rapunzel>… It reflects my personality a lot! There is song in it called <When will my life begins> that I love!

I like sketching, reading, singing songs, playing guitar, design dresses, meeting people and traveling around. I am not your typical ‘Chinese’. My friends say I’m a banana, ‘yellow outside, white inside’. But I enjoy who I am, I like absorbing good things from different cultures.

So that’s why I’m so excited to be part of this team. Not only to contribute with my skills and work as a team, but also to learn from these amazing people who come from different places all over the world!

I like to keep learning and developing myself; I hate arrogant people and people who think they know it all!

You can reach me by wechat or email:

Wechat: z466706946

Email: missdaisyzh@icloud.com