Lorena Pistone – Artist

Nationality: Italian

Hello everyone! My name is Lorena Pistone, I come from Italy and I looove drawing, above all manga!!

I started drawing when I was 8 years old. What really inspired me was a very famous Japanese cartoon called “Sailor Moon”. I fell in love with those drawings and I wanted to reproduce them so I tried. Step by step, I improved and I started concentrating on the colouring technique. I mixed and still mix whatever colour I have at hand, trying to achieve a satisfying result. The more I saw better results the more I wanted to challenge myself, creating my own manga!! I started but, unfortunately, I have not yet had the time to finish it…

Besides drawing, I love singing, learning and speaking different languages, going out with friends and meeting new friends!!! I do not like bitter coffee and crowded buses!!!!

Hope you will like my drawings!!!