Don’t die in China

China is a land of wonder – there’s amazing food, a unique culture, and friendly people. But, things can be less fun if you get sick.

So, before you eat some super delicious food without knowing what it is, fi nd useful informati on about insurance and choose the right plan to keep you covered. With NiHao’s simple interface and support you can find the right plan in no time!

Always get what you want

Love going to a movie and stuffi ng yourself with popcorn on a cold Sunday aft ernoon? Nothing is worse than getti ng to the theater only to fi nd that all ti ckets are sold out. Don’t get left in the cold, use NiHao to choose your movie, pay, and secure the bests eats! NiHao’s got your back for a sweet movie date and more!

Meet your bae

Always get what you want It is a sunny day and you’re sitti ng at a cafe. A real dreamer walks in and asks if they could share a table with you. You noti ce they’re carrying your favorite book, and you decide to start a conversati on. You make your move and start to ask for the digits but forget how to say “phonenumber” in Chinese. Don’t blow it! Let NiHao help you – NiHao can translate 10 languages into Chinese with PinYin underneath. (Ni3 Dian4 Hua4 Duo1 Shao3 ?)

Stay online 24/7

Are you sending a ton selfi es to your crush overseas? Do you have a boss that keeps you on-call 24/7? Or, do you just need navigati on all the ti me? If yes, you’d better make sure your phone stayed topped up! You can easily top up your phone through UnionPayor ,Wechat payment with NiHao, and stay online anytime anywhere.

Join the social scene

Is your instagram fi lled with selfi es with dragon sculptures and scenery landscapes of temples? Hate to say it, but you may need to fi nd a buddy to hold the camera occasionally. Time to make some new friends! Open NiHao and fi nd a world of acti viti es in your city. WithNiHaoyou can quickly fi nd interest groups and events, meet friends and fi nally get a proper picture of you at the Great Wall.

Get out and see China

To see the best of China, get on the train – you’ll stop at diff erent citi es, hear all kinds of dialects, and meet people with diff erent backgrounds and desti nati ons. But getti ng a ti cket can be tricky. Don’t worry, NiHao has made it easy – just fi ll your info and NiHao will take care of the rest. All you have to do is to get ready for the awesome journey.

Stay for a while!

Once you have seen what China has to off er you’ll want to stay a while. Whether you’re relocati ng for a month or a few years don’t agonize over moving, it’s sti ll just as easy as buying your friends back home a 6-pack – NiHao provides great elocati on service, and no matter where you’re moving to, just fi ll in a form and NiHao will take over from there!

More info about NiHao app

NiHao is a FREE mobile applicati on aims to make life easier for expats and travellers in hina. On NiHao, users can fi nd informati on on everything from restaurants, bars and nightlife to events, culture and shopping. Users will also be able to directly connect with local services such as cleaners, language schools and medical centres, all with the ability to pay seamlessly from within the app. In additi on, NiHao acts as a central portal for news and social communicati on, while off ering a number of other features such as instant translati on, mobile phone top-up, forums, guides and more. Through the English-only app, the Hangzhou-based company aims to provide a platf orm where every user can meet, interact with and help others in the community. A platf orm for expats by expats.

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