Be Bold: Which Suit Suits You?

Article by Laurelin Au

The wonderful thing about fashion is its ability to constantly reinvent itself. This year, we’ve seen completely new trends, like car wash pleated skirts, as well as trends from the past, like vintage minimalist sneakers, reappearing with subtle differences. However, amongst all of the trends, old and new, the most noteworthy aspect of 2015 fashion that you should take notice of is this: the industry is breaking gender constructs. Since the beginning of 2015, unisex and androgynous clothing has been making headlines in the fashion world. Not only are women rocking pantsuits and joggers, but plenty of menlike popular fashion blogger Tommy Lei, are breaking conventional forms by accessorizing their outfits with  floral, structured blazers and handbags.

I first fell in love with the women-in-pantsuits trend when I came across a picture of Janelle Monae at the 53rd Annual Gramm Awards in 2011. Her style was incredib powerful and chic. Although some critics didn’t get her look, urging her to wear something more “sexy,” Janelle struck back with a poignant response: “Sit down. I’m not for male consumption.” Not only was I completely entranced by her look, but I was amazed by her con�ident refusal to appeal to anyone but herself.

Pantsuits are great for men and women who are looking to improve their professional look, but want their clothing to b practical while on-the-go. Here are some flattering fabrics, cuts, and prints for both men and women looking to polish their pantsuit game:

Metallic clothing became popular in the 1970s, but has made its way back in modern fashion. Metallics allow us to play with vibrant colors, while adding an interesting textural element to our suits.

Worried about looking like a disco ball, circa 1977? Try some of these more subtle metallic shades: copper, navy or maroon.

Tweed suits are timeless. Whenever I think of this fabric, I think of men and women of the 1940s, while also envisioning stars like Idris Elba, looking dashing in a tweed suit on the cover of GQ Magazine.

Tweed suits are especially perfect for the cold winter months. The thick layer is
guaranteed to keep you a little warmer, and the rugged texture will have you looking both comfortable and stylish. Tweed suits are best done in earth tones, such as slate gray, dark brown and forest green. Finding a tweed suit with a plaid print adds a fun detail to r out�it, while a plain tweed suit allows you to maintain a sophisticated and modern look.

One of the most important elements to every suit is the cut. Although flared, wide trousers are making a comeback, I still maintain that slim pantsuits look best on everyone, regardless of body shape. Find a suit with a skinny, tapered leg. The blazer should �it tight along the side without restricting movement. The seams on th shoulders should sit right on the outside of your shoulders.

Remember, the cut is crucial to pulling off a fashion-forward look. An expensive suit can look unre�ined if the cut isn’ right, just as much as an affordable suit can look incredibly sharp if it’s �itted to your body.

Floral prints are refreshing and add a visual richness to clothes. Although they are mostly popular during the summer, if you wear a dark floral print in the winter, you are guaranteed to make an impressive statement with your outfit.

Pinstripes are a classic pattern choice, and the long, vertical lines will contour your body in a flattering way. Lastly, camouflage patterns look amazing on men and women and translate well into any season. Just be careful not to wear camo on the top and bottom, lest you disappear and are never found again. Busy patterns, like floral and camouflage, should be paired with a plain blazer or trousers. You want to avoid looking distracting. Pinstripes are very simple and can be worn throughout the entire outfit.

In addition, try pairing your entire look with a nice leather briefcase or clutch. hese accessories are stylish and practical for both men and women. We live in a fastpaced world. Too often we don’t consider our appearances because of our hectic schedules. However, a little bit of added attention to your attire can go a long way in both your professional and personal life. Consider a nice, �itted suit as a powerful statement to the world that you have the right to feel good about yourself.

Laurelin Au is a graduate of the University of Oregon, who believes poetic inspiration can be found anywhere you look.