May Horoscope

Article by Alexandra

May holidays are behind us! I hope you enjoyed the time off and are now fully prepared to face the challenges of the new mont.

We begin with the New Moon on May 7th, when the Moon is in Taurus; you should dream all night, make new plans, picture yourself having the things you want because the universe is listening. After the 7th the negative processes that were bothering you from the last month will come to an end and you will feel refreshed and inspired.

It looks like first half of May is a great period of time, filled with lots of energy, thanks to Venus and Mercury creating positive aspects with the planet of happiness, Jupiter. It’s time to make money and make love! It’s sure to be a wonderful period for any kind of relationship, love or work. We want to have fun and go a little crazy, and it is totally fine! The stars are giving us a chance to let it out of our systems before the hard times come.

If you have been too naughty, the 10th and 14th, are the best days to apologize to your partner. Big money might come on the 11th or 14th as well. Mars and Mercury are moving in retrograde, making it hard to start off new projects and begin new things, but the confidence is back with us. Saturn’s heavy effect on Mars is weakened and we should again feel those wings on our backs.

After May 17th our Planet will be affected by some seriously negative energy. It won’t only be some people that might experience difficulties. Buckle up, be careful and try to stay “in the moment”.

Let’s talk planets now; the Sun is leaving the positive aspect of connection with Mars in Sagittarius; Venus in Gemini in the third quarter of the month is forming opposition to Mars and a bit later to Saturn. It will be a time of conflicts! The Sun’s and Saturn’s opposition is getting stronger and the energy is getting explosive, affecting each person individually. It might seem impossible to come to an understanding, and it’s sure to be a critical time for partnerships. Try not to schedule any important negotiations or contract signings from May 22nd until at least June 10th. If it’s impossible to push the date, don’t be surprised by an unexpected outcome of events. Also, just be careful in general and triple check before executing.

Any crisis is a time to work on ourselves. The easy way out is to blame the stars, everything and everyone for the situations we are in. The blame game is a waste of energy and it is completely your choice what you do with yours. Overcoming difficulties, on the other hand, teaches us lessons and fills us with more energy and our choice again, what kind of energy that is. Do not forget that the Sun is in Taurus this month and that is a sign of hard work, achievements and prosperity.

Taurus’s Sun can be described as a “fundamental” Sun. Their goal is to transform ideas into material forms. If Aries came here to set the course, to give an idea, Taurus came here to make it happen. Taurus is an Earth sign, so it shares characteristics of an early spring ground that doesn’t waste energy and potential on unnecessary projects. A Taurus doesn’t like to be rushed; they need their time to understand the process and after that they become the best at their jobs. They stick to their decisions and usually obtain wealth on the way, which is fortuitous because Taurus loves their material goodies.

If zombies come, Taurus would be one of the last to even know about them! They would be busy on a date, probably with Gemini. And when they finally realize that shit is hitting the fan, they’ll most likely start working on fields, growing vegetables. When things ease up, Taurus will start creating sculptures to show that beauty will save the world. They won’t be the best to fight off a zombie attack, but they for sure can build the best defensive barricades.

This month we might experience some ups and downs, I want you to appreciate the good and find strength to overcome the bad. Use your energy wisely; one of the most useful bits of advice I’ve ever gotten was to try not to take things too seriously, and doing just that will save you some precious energy!

And, as always, I wish you all a good month; may the stars be in our favor!

Alexandra is Xi’an’s most mystifying mystic and seeks to help you understand the stars and yourself.