Le Régal 略味法式甜品

Article By Jorge Cartaya

North of Cien Dong Lu and Furong Nan Lu
(029) 8550 8560
10:00am – Midnight

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 80-100 RMB

PROS: A luxuriantly designed place to enjoy some of the finer aspects of Western civilization

CONS: A bit out of the way for those of us who live nearer to downtown Xi’an

Le Régal is a brand new café and lounge bar that has just opened in Qujiang. Sporting a very unique half modern, half-classical European look, it’s a great place to sit and utterly indulge your sweet tooth in the afternoon. During the evening, it doubles as a trendy lounge where you can sit sipping champagne and rubbing elbows with the wealthy denizens of Qujiang and enjoying the great service of an expertly trained and managed staff.

Inspired by the class and quality of service found abroad, the owners of Le Régal (two fashionably refined ladies with a penchant for flair) decided to travel in Japan, America, Europe and other places over a period of two years to sample the best of the best in pastries, desserts, breads, drinks, snacks and service, compiling a list of recipes and coming up with their own ideas for their venture. This monumental undertaking and labor of love resulted in Le Régal, and it shows! From the décor, to the silverware, to the service, to the individual ingredients of every delicious creation, they have spared no expense and have painstakingly reproduced exactly what they had been dreaming of since they concluded their hands-on research.

Armed with a plethora of unique and unbelievably delicious dessert delicacies, Le Régal is poised to launch a rapturous assault on every taste center in your brain. Every single item is expertly designed, using only fresh, seasonal and imported ingredients. There are no substitutions, no extra sugar, no fake flavor enhancers and no nonsense. Every aspect of each treat, from the method of baking to the presentation, is done with utmost care and designed to bring a smile to your face. I can’t do justice to any of the pastries with mere words, so you will just have to try them for yourself!

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, Le Régal is still a great place to sit and have a sandwich and a coffee for lunch. Their roast chicken with avocado sandwich is absolutely delectable, and the bread is, of course, baked in their kitchen with the same love and care as their pastries. If you live in Qujiang, this would be the ideal place to stop and shop for bread for your home, as they have many authentic, European-style varieties.

In the evening, you could experiment with their list of cocktails, or simply go fora bottle of wine, imported beer or champagne. The environment will move you toeloquent conversation, saturated with wit and joie de vivre, with whomever you are attempting to impress. Whether you come with an elegant date, a business prospect, a VIP client, or old friends for a relaxed chat, the environment will please and satisfy; your evening will certainly be a memorable one, full of finely crafted delicacies of true, Western-inspired class.

Jorge is a long-time Xi’an expat with an eye for the finer things in life. He can be reached at reviews@xianease.com