What’s Hype?

 Article by Ekam Gulati

What’s good Xi’an? I’m back with another edition of “What’s Hype?’ where I just lay down some fashion game and give you all a much-needed monthly dose of soulful music. I hope you guys enjoyed the playlist I put together in the last month’s edition.

The weather has definitely cooled down the past couple of weeks, making the perfect conditions for perfect summer nights. I hope you all are enjoying the hot summer days and cool summer nights because come September, summer is going to be gone. Get out there fam, let your skin get some of that beautiful summer glow, go for a stroll around town in the evening, take your girl out on a coffee date (and I ain’t talking about your nearest Starbucks joint) or link up with your boys. Don’t miss out on all the summer fun around town before it’s too late.

5-1Get Jiggy!

I have been giving you some ideas on how to pimp up your fashion game but I think I need to take it back a couple of steps and start with the very basics. So, I came up with a list of the 3 most essential articles a man must have in his closet. Here’s my guide, consider this Getting Jiggy 101. Your shawty is going to thank me later.

1. White Cotton T-shirt – Yeah most of you probably have been sleeping on something so simple but so essential, like a good quality white cotton T-shirt. This should be every man’s go-to article of clothing, as it does justice to men of all skin tones and the cotton fabric keeps you cool on these hot summer days. I would recommend you checking out your nearest H&M or Zara store. These two fashion giants are known for making good quality, inexpensive cotton T-shirts.

2. Good quality pair of denims – No, I ain’t taking about your ridiculously priced pair of ripped jeans that you think make you look so “cool.” We all need that one fresh pair of denims we can stunt on a date night or a casual formal meeting, feel me? The thing with spending on a good quality pair is that it should last you a while, and when it starts to wear down you can always rock it as your causal pair of washed denims. I would definitely recommend every man getting at least one pair of a solid navy, ice blue or your classic black jeans from Levis if you haven’t already. Nobody does denims better than Levis, ignore all that designer crap out there.

3. Clean White Sneakers – I can’t stress enough on how much versatility a pair of clean white sneakers brings to your wardrobe. The key here is to making sure that your pair of white sneakers stay that way. I cringe when I see dirty sneakers. Don’t wear your white pair if you can’t keep them clean. You don’t have to break your wallet to cop a nice pair of white sneakers. I would recommend you all checking out some all-white, old school Vans; they are clean, inexpensive and will never go out of style.

5-2July-August was LIT

I gave The Boring Room a shout out this past month hoping you would figure out where you needed to be on the weekends. If you still haven’t been, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. I went to about 3 Boring Room events this past month and oh boy was it dope. The best of the three was Bohan Phoenix stopping by Xi’an on his JaLa world tour, but the other two were Saturday night parties with a lot of good, groovy music and fun crowds. Here’s a little glimpse of what went down on these nights. If you feel your FOMO acting up, I’d suggest you don’t sleep on the next event.

The kind of music I share really reflects on how I’m feeling in that specific time and I’m definitely feeling a certain type of way this summer. Here’s a little compilation of my favourite sensual, soulful tunes that will definitely have your girl catch a feeling, feel me?

Sweet Cider Mami Playlist

  • Bryson Tiller – Just Another Interlude
  • Roy Woods – Whole lot
  • Grumby – Ceviche
  • Childish Gambino – Redbone
  • R-Kelly – Bump ’n’ Grind
  • Bohan Phoenix – Eastside