A Spring Festival with a Difference…in Pyongyang!

Article by John McGovern

Counted as one of the world’s largest migratory seasonal holidays, Spring Festival, otherwise known as Chinese Lunar New Year or Chunjie, results in literally billions of humans transiting across China and neighbouring Asian nations from major cities to rural areas to visit families over a one-to-two week holiday.


So what does this mean if you happen to find yourself as an expat with no family in China? Chaos. Not the usual ‘charming chaos’ that life in China might bring, but an absolute shut down to life as you know it.

Sound dramatic? Okay, perhaps a little. However, we’ve got the perfect solution to experience possibly the most unique Spring Festival in 2020. Escape China. Yes, that’s right. Get out as soon as you can. But you wanted that cultural experience you moved here for? No worries! With cheap-as-chips train tickets within countless cities in China to Dandong, we’ll take you on the most unique Spring Festival holiday you’ll have yet, by celebrating the Lunar New Year in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Yes, North Korea also celebrates the Lunar New Year with celebrations, fireworks and family gatherings. With the massive influx of Chinese tourists in North Korea over the last 12 months and taking place in the “off-peak season” of DPRK tourism, this is without doubt one of the quietest times to visit North Korea for one of the most surreal and unique travel experiences you’ll have.


We’ll be exploring all the must-see sites around Pyongyang such as Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the resting place of both President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il, the newly renovated Korean War Museum, the Juche Tower, iconic Kim Il Square, mysterious Pyongyang Metro, as well as mingling with the locals at the Gold Lanes Bowling Alley, Pyongyang’s best micro-breweries and much more.

No trip to the DPRK is complete without visiting the iconic Panmunjom (DMZ), site of the separation of Korea where our group will have our very own Korean’s People Army officer to guide us around.

During this tour, we’ll head north of Pyongyang to explore the beautiful Mt Myohyang area, with an integral visit to the International Friendship Exhibition, built into the side of a mountain and housing gifts presented to both Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un from other nations, originations and individuals. One of the most unique highlights of North Korea and definitely not worth missing out on.


Whether you’re an expat already based in China and looking to experience a truly unique Spring Festival, or traveling from abroad looking to experience North Korea during a particularly quiet season, Young Pioneer Tours offers our two nights / three days Spring Festival Ultra Budget tour starting at €475 or our full five nights / six days Spring Festival tour at €995, all inclusive of travel between China and North Korea, hotel accommodation, Western and English-speaking Korean guides, all meals and transport included.

As per the aforementioned “billions of travelers” during this season in China, tickets are strictly limited, so please be sure to contact us early so we can ensure your spot on the tour is secured.

For more information on Young Pioneer Tours and a trip to North Korea contact John on john@youngpioneertours.com and if you book up quote the reference XIANEASE to receive a free YPT T-shirt!