Finding your Niche Groups in XI’AN

Are you bored?

Life is what you make of it. This is true anywhere, but it is especially true when living in China. However, many people spend their entire time in China doing the same things over and over again, often involving an endless string of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, in a routine that would make a 50s sitcom seem exciting.

Part of living a full life is connecting with others that share your hobbies or other interests and pursuing them together. But it can be tough. The community in Xi’an can often seem disjointed and dispersed. Many people cling tightly to their coworkers for social support, regardless of whether you actually have anything in common. Spend too long doing this and you will start to feel like you are wasting your time.

Groups in Xi’an

Over the years various groups have come and gone, and, as with all things, these groups have changed over time. Some staples of the Xi’an scene are still going strong after many years. The local branch of the Hash House Harriers, is still going strong, and should soon be emerging from their winter hibernation/ virus isolation soon. People have been playing Frisbee golf on the weekends at Jiaoda for what seems like forever.

While other groups have faded away as key members have left, still more groups have formed. In this issue of the magazine, we have two relatively recently formed groups, Xi’an Games and the Shaanxi Hills International Team, both of which are looking for new members. The Xi’an comedy club was started last year and is planning more shows in the near future. In order to continue this trend, and help develop a more diverse range of activities and interests for those living in Xi’an, we’d like to help. Here’s how.

Starting a Group

Let’s say that you have an interest that you would like to pursue further. Whether it is sports, games, creative work, or other hobbies, often they will be enhanced if you are working with other people. So how do you find those people?

It’s simple. Let us know. One of the goals of XIANEASE is connecting people and helping to build the foreign community in Xi’an. As the largest group foreign group operating in Xi’an (6000+ subscribers and 5000 magazines distributed every month), we are uniquely positioned to help you find people that share similar interests. And that is exactly what we’d like to do.

And then?

Once you’ve got the group up and running, we can help you advertise your events, both in our magazine and in our online updates through our official account. We can also help you set up events and meetings, help contact locations through our network. We have decades of experience living in China and we would like to share that experience and knowledge with you. If there is something that we can do, we will do it.

Start Today!

So, if you have something you’d like to get started, or you already have a group and you would like to expand your membership, get in touch. Contact us either through our official account or by emailing us at and we will help you get the ball rolling. We’ve got your back.

Life in Xi’an is still your life. You might as well start living it.