Xi’an Games: fun for everyone!

Will you use your super powers to battle giant monsters to become the undisputed King of Tokyo? Identify the spy on your team of cyberpunk freedom fighters? Roll the dice to triumph over chefs in creating the best sushi meal ever? If your answer is YES then come play with us at XI’AN GAMES!

XI’AN GAMES is a weekly evening event dedicated to board and card gaming! This includes adventure, deduction, memory, strategy, party, and other genres. We are a mix of friendly local and international enthusiasts and offer a selection of 100+ modern and classic games for both beginners and experienced players. Whether we are exchanging gifts to win the heart of China’s Emperor, or cooperating to save the world from a pandemic, XI’AN GAMES is truly global. We have bilingual members from many different countries coming together to play!

XI’AN GAMES is all about making new friends and exploring new games together. For more information, you can simply scan the QR code or email us at games@xianease.com. We are excited for you to join us and we will see you IN THE GAME!